Trevor Siemian Insists He Has A Way To Help Justin Fields
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Trevor Siemian Insists He Has A Way To Help Justin Fields

Considering the Chicago Bears still had Nick Foles under contract, it was a minor surprise when they signed veteran Trevor Siemian to a two-year deal. GM Ryan Poles stated the decision was due to the 30-year old’s superior fit in the type of offense Luke Getsy and his staff plan to run. It also indicated the team was ready to move on from Foles at the first opportunity. The tricky part is finding a team that might be willing to trade for him.

Siemian is under no illusions about his role on his team. The Bears made it clear that he is coming in as a backup from the start. There will be no competition. Justin Fields is the starter. That isn’t a problem. It is a role the veteran is used to and has learned to embrace over the past few years. He knows what his job entails. Yes, part of it is keeping himself ready in case of an injury. However, he made it clear to Larry Mayer of that there is another role he will play.

One he believes could be highly beneficial to his talented new teammate.

“For Justin, I can give him a little bit of perspective. I don’t want to act like I have all the answers and he’s certainly going to get plenty of coaching. But being a young starter—cause I was [one] several years ago—you need kind of a foxhole guy. Or a guy on some days to talk football with, and on some days to talk about movies or whatever else and shoot the breeze with. Justin’s got so much potential, so I’m looking to do whatever I can to help him hopefully make a jump here.”

What he says is true. Siemian became a starter in 2016. He faced a unique situation in that he had to fill the void left by Peyton Manning, who’d retired after winning the Super Bowl. That was a lot of pressure to handle for a second-year quarterback. The fact he went 8-6 is pretty impressive. No doubt he can offer plenty of advice on what he learned to do and not do during that time. All the while, there is a bonus.

Trevor Siemian worked with some incredible quarterbacks. He backed up Manning in 2015 and briefly spent time with Drew Brees in 2020 for the New Orleans Saints. Those are two no-doubt Hall of Famers. Teaching Fields about their work habits and how they saw the game could be an invaluable resource. Foles, for all his own experience, can’t provide the same. It presents an indication this new Bears regime knows what they’re doing.

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