Ypsilanti — Chris Westfall would take several minutes out of his busy schedule as Ypsilanti Lincoln’s athletic director the last few months and walk into the school’s new 118,000square-foot indoor Lincoln Athletic Building to just admire the site, and think about the possibilities that his student-athletes would be able to use it for in the years ahead.

Westfall, who has also been the school’s football coach for the past dozen years, will be able to work with four players at a time next week with the 80-yard field inside the facility.

The structure can be used in sections with baseball playing in one area and softball practicing in another. Also included is a 300-meter track.

Lincoln Consolidated Schools athletic director and head football coach Chris Westfall talks about the multi-use facility.

Lincoln Consolidated Schools voters passed a $25 million bond in August 2018 to help pay for the $12 million facility, Westfall said.

Bond money also enabled the district to upgrade district building security, replace roofs, carpeting and furniture, and add artificial turf to the football field during the summer 2019.

“The climate of this happening, that 2017 team that lost to (Detroit) King in (football) the quarterfinals, that first round of the playoffs we hosted the first Lincoln home playoff game ever,” Westfall said. “It rains, 38 degrees and the (grass) field comes apart. I probably took 25 phone calls from Lincoln parents, ‘Why don’t we have turf? What are we going to do about it?’