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Warpath is a strategy game first published by Lilith Games. Currently, Wonder Games publishes this game, so you can download and experience it on the Google Play store.

In the game, the world is being invaded and controlled by the dark forces. Their obsessive training rituals and pathological brainwashing practices have become exacerbated. More and more innocent people are being killed. In that gloomy world, there are still brave warriors. They gather together to fight off the barbaric army.

In the game, you will play as a great warrior. You are the only one who can create the Warpath army. Lead Warpath on the right path, destroying the enemy to protect people and justice. Train your soldiers and equip your army with powerful weapons to confront Raven. It is your fight and you will have to take command. A good strategy will be the key for winning.

The story in the game

Warpath is set in the 1941s. However, at this point, the dark forces have created an alternate timeline, and everything is not going as in history. The Raven army is invading the world, and plotting to take over the world. Wherever they went, they slaughtered there, the number of people dying at their hands could not be counted. But that number won’t stop until the world is theirs.

Use your commanding skills and strategy to build an army. Train your army into a powerful army and be ready to fight any enemy. This military strategy title gives you the chance to travel back in time and consolidate your place in history.

You need to train your army and grow your economy. Economics plays a very important role, and it directly determines your development. Use smart military tactics to turn your country into a global superpower. Gather an army from an array of infantry, tank and artillery units to dominate anyone who stands in your way.

Battles are performed with intensity and real-time. When things get tough, it’s time to take control. Command your units and devise advanced battle tactics to gain the upper hand.

Your own army

During the game, you have to maximize your units. Besides, unlock your favorite WW2 arsenal. At the same time, form an army ready to wage war on the global battlefield.

Customize your units by assembling, disassembling, modifying and upgrading weapons of your choice. Or you can choose from infantry, tanks, artillery, hunters, tanks and rocket launchers …

Global Alliance

When playing the game, you will join warriors around the world. In addition, you also discover an extremely interesting enemy targeting strategy. Move your bases to expand the territory. When you have strategic locations in hand, attacking or defending is much easier. The locations above are always superior to each battle.

Seamless PVP combat

This is a fighting game that is non-stop action and interactive, with smooth mechanics and gestures. You can control each of your units in independent directions, and attack enemies with maximum force.

Historical campaign has been reappeared, so you have the task of commanding your units, sending them through dangerous terrain to track down and defeat the enemy. You will meet allies along the way. They will be an important force to help you defeat your enemy.

Each chapter will go in a different direction with an engaging storyline. Each level will have a different gameplay, so make a reasonable plan if you do not want to lose.

Beautiful character

Each role will have different characters, and so will appear more characters. For example: The beautiful aides Percy; The seasoned Jack Spanner; Seductive agent Bloody Mary; The white wolf ferocious. Or characters like: Commander of the Muscular Artillery The Eruptor; Thoughtful Light Angel, and the majestic Guardian of Truth.

All characters are here for you to choose and lead. Don’t forget to visit Aussie Sergeant Ned Taylor to open chests and buy new units.

The graphic design and sound

The image in the game has perfect 3D quality. Sounds are of good quality to inspire fun. The game has a subtle and varied map. Therefore, you can explore the terrain and use it to your advantage. Whether it’s snowfields in a blizzard, mountains glittering in the sun or bridges crossing rivers.

Choose your path and enjoy the fresh scenery. Zoom in and out quickly, teleport to different cities in the world with your allies.


Do you have what it takes to fight Raven and liberate the nations of the world? Will your army make it through? And is your tactic effective? Every day there will be new campaigns, officers, allies, units and combat targets. Scout the territory, harvest resources, unlock more tanks, interact with more allies. Constantly moving to new cities around the world, calling on strategists and weapons experts to support your armies.

Join this fascinating command game right now, your soldiers are waiting for your command! Download game and app for android. Visit our Maxdroid regularly to discover more cool games and do not forget to leave your review of the game! Have a fun game!

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