A group of people that help run the youth basketball leagues in the Mid-Ohio Valley has come together to purchase a vacant building in Marietta, that will become the region newest indoor sports complex for youth sports.

The complex will be called the “Riverfront Sports” complex, and it will house multiple basketball courts, but will be used for many other indoor sports as well.

Because COVID-19 has impacted many youth leagues and their abilities to practice, since schools are not open for outside leagues to come in, they feel that this complex will serve as an asset for the community to help the young athletes progress through their respective sports.

“When we looked at this, we really liked it,” said Joseph Mundy, one of the people involved. “The price was right, and it’s big enough for us to do what we want to do in it. “

“The community has given us a lot of support,” said Chris King. “There is really no other place to go because everything has been shut down with COVID. As long as we can do this in a safe way, and make sure everyone’s safe, we think it could be an asset to the community.”

They will hope to start practices by the end of March, and then have events soon after.

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