Cal State Fullerton Athletics previewed the new Olympic-sized pool that will be home to future CSUF water sports. Staff and CSUF alumni gathered on Sunday for a sneak peek of the 53-meter pool that is scheduled to open this May.

CSUF Director of Athletics,Jim Donovan said the previous pool was only half the size of the new pool, at 25-meters, and had a severe leakage of several thousand gallons per day.

“It was going to cost us about $4 million, and we weren’t sure if it would be able to be repaired,” Donovan said. “So we decided to go all in and do an $8.1 million pool.”

According to the accepted proposal by Athletics, the pool would be used in the morning by kinesiology classes and have open sessions in the midday for students and faculty. In the afternoons and evenings, the pool will be occupied by Titan student-athletes.

Donovan also announced with the inauguration of the new pool, located between Titan Gym and the CSUF Health Center, CSUF is planning to bring back water sports in 2023.

“I’ve been developing a budget that will be phased in over two or three years, and we’re very, very hopeful to have our first women’s water polo season in the spring of ‘23 and our men’s water polo season, first inaugural, in the fall of 23,” Donovan said.

Fram pool brief

President Framrose Virjee spoke of the upcoming return of water sports to the CUSF Campus at the reception on Sunday. (Genesis Pavia / Daily Titan)

CSUF President Fram Virjee was also present and spoke at the ceremony.

“We expect over the years to come also to bring in offices and locker rooms and seating,” Virjee said. “It’s all a vision that we have, and you can see some visual of it out there. But this is the start today.”

Virjee added that the pool will be run by Titan Athletics and will be accessible to the Department of Kinesiology and the College of Health and Human Development.