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The Nintendo Switch Has Enormous Black Friday Game Discounts

An imagine promoting the Switch's cyber deals.

Image: Nintendo

Black Friday is awful, and we should all refuse to take part. But in other news, goodness gracious, there are a lot of amazing prices on Nintendo Switch just now. Publishers like Capcom, Ubisoft and EA have joined Nintendo’s own first-party titles in luring you toward the evils of capitalist convenience.

As Kotaku pointed out earlier this week, this year’s Thanksgiving festivities have seen Nintendo deliver a very rare range of discounts on their own games. Whereas they usually won’t budge on $60, right now you can pick up four-year-old games like Super Mario Odyssey for two-year-old prices! Yes, it’s grim that they’re so damned stingy, but $42 is about as cheap as you’ll see them make their own products. (Even 2018’s Kirby Star Allies hasn’t gone lower than that, the berks.)

However, as of last night, other publishers are being more impressively generous until midnight on the 30th.

Take Capcom, who have Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate down from $40 to $16. Or the wonderful Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy dropping from an already very reasonable $30 to just $20. Last year’s Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection also manages to slip under twenty bucks, while you won’t find a Resident Evil or Devil May Cry for over $15. Oh, and this year’s Monster Hunter Rise knocks off fifteen bucks to $45.

EA’s showing isn’t so impressive, but you can pick up FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch Legacy Edition for $28 instead of $40. Perhaps their biggest discount is Unravel Two, down from twenty dollars to a giveaway $3.39. However, the top recommendation here is Lost In Random, a third off at $20. You can read why that game’s so special right here.

Seven vertical slices of Konami games on sale this Thanksgiving.

Image: Konami / Nintendo

Sega’s Switch output is already mostly super-cheap games, but their bigger names are also impressively discounted. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, despite being barely a month old (and very good), is $30 right now. Last year’s Catherine: Full Body is less than half price at $20, and this year’s Persona 5 Strikers has dropped to $30.

Konami seem to have become the most over-excited, plummeting prices to single-digits. CONTRA: ROGUE CORPS (stop shouting, publishers) is usually $40, but you could grab it right now for $4! Super Bomberman R is down from $40 to $9.99, and the Castlevania, Contra and Arcade Classics collections are all quartered from twenty bucks to just $5.

Ubi has various Assassin’s Creeds at just under $15, rather than their usual $40. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, which as far as I can tell is never not on sale, is down to the lowest I’ve seen at $15. Meanwhile, last year’s lovely Immortals Fenyx Rising is just shy of $20, when it’s usually right up at $60, although be warned the Switch isn’t its ideal home.

There are squillions of others in there, especially from smaller publishers, and you’ll do well to save yourself a fortune plundering you way through the full list. However, top tips include Dead Cells for $15, Ori and Tthe Will of the Wisps for $18, Hades at $17.49, and Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove down to $22.