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Texas Hype is Real, but Steve Sarkisian Must Change One Trend in Big 12 Farewell

Texas Hype is Real, but Steve Sarkisian Must Change One Trend in Big 12 Farewell

As the Texas Longhorns gear up for their farewell tour in the Big 12 Conference, the hype surrounding the program is reaching unprecedented levels. With the arrival of new head coach Steve Sarkisian, fans and analysts alike are eager to see how the team will perform under his leadership. However, amidst all the excitement, there is one trend that Sarkisian must address if Texas is to leave the Big 12 on a high note.

The Texas Hype:

Texas football has always generated immense hype and attention due to its rich history, large fanbase, and a seemingly endless supply of talent. The Longhorns boast a passionate following that expects nothing short of excellence from their team. While the program has experienced periods of success, including a national championship in 2005, recent years have been marred by inconsistency and underachievement. This has only fueled the hunger for change and a return to the glory days.

Enter Steve Sarkisian:

Steve Sarkisian, the former offensive coordinator for the Alabama Crimson Tide, was brought in to breathe new life into the Texas football program. Known for his offensive prowess and ability to develop quarterbacks, Sarkisian’s hiring was met with widespread optimism. His track record includes successful stints at USC and Alabama, where he played a crucial role in their offensive dominance.

Addressing the Trend:

While Sarkisian inherits a talented roster, there is one glaring trend that needs to be reversed for Texas to achieve sustained success in their Big 12 farewell. Over the past decade, the Longhorns have struggled with inconsistency, particularly in close games and against conference rivals. They have often fallen short when it matters most, resulting in missed opportunities for championship contention.

To break this trend, Sarkisian must instill a winning culture within the program and emphasize mental toughness. This means preparing the team not only physically but also mentally, ensuring they have the resilience and focus to come out on top in challenging situations. Additionally, Sarkisian’s offensive expertise will be crucial in generating consistent production and taking advantage of scoring opportunities.

Investing in Player Development:

Another area where Sarkisian can make a significant impact is in player development. Texas has had no shortage of top-tier talent, but translating that talent into on-field success has been a challenge. Sarkisian’s experience in developing quarterbacks and maximizing offensive potential will be vital in unlocking the full capabilities of the Longhorns’ roster. By refining skills, improving decision-making, and fostering a competitive environment, Sarkisian can elevate the performance of individual players and, consequently, the team as a whole.

Building Stronger Relationships:

Successful coaches not only cultivate talent but also build strong relationships with their players. Sarkisian must establish trust and open lines of communication with his team, creating an environment where players feel supported and motivated to excel. This will not only boost morale but also foster a sense of unity and commitment among the players.


The Texas Longhorns’ farewell tour in the Big 12 Conference presents a golden opportunity for Steve Sarkisian to establish his coaching legacy and bring Texas football back to national prominence. While the hype surrounding the program is justified, Sarkisian must address the trend of inconsistency and underachievement that has plagued the team in recent years. By emphasizing mental toughness, investing in player development, and building strong relationships, Sarkisian can lay the foundation for a successful transition to the SEC and restore the Longhorns to their former glory. Only time will tell if Sarkisian can change the narrative and fulfill the lofty expectations that come with the Texas football program.

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