• Celebrating the Birth of Water-Skiing
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    Celebrating the Birth of Water-Skiing

    Ralph Samuelson popularized water-skiing with stunts such as skiing behind a flying boat. Courtesy USA Water Ski and Wake Sports Foundation On July 2, 1922, an 18-year-old daredevil named Ralph Samuelson gave birth to the sport of water-skiing on Lake Pepin in Lake City, Minnesota. His inspiration for water-skiing came in winter, when Samuelson would ski down the bluffs around Lake Pepin. Skiing on snow led him to wonder whether he could ski on water too. Samuelson built his first pair of water skis from 8-foot-long pine planks. His older brother, Ben, towed him behind a 20-foot workboat. Samuelson got on top of the water and started the sport loved…

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