EA has announced that its EA Originals label has entered a partnership with Koei Tecmo and Dynasty Warriors studio Omega Force for a new hunting game – that’s like Monster Hunter hunting, not Big Buck Hunter hunting.

We don’t know a ton of details yet about what this new hunting game will be, but EA did say it is a “AAA experience” and is based in fantasy feudal Japan. We’re expected to get more details

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The 2021 NBA play-in tournament is upon us. If you need a full rundown on how it works, we have you covered, but if you’re already here then you’re probably up to speed on the basics. What follows is a preview of the 7/8 and 9/10 games that will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday. Let’s start with the headliner. 

1. Golden Flow State

When the Golden State Warriors’ offense is flowing like it’s supposed

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