By Marvin Wittschen, Camp Organiser

This year’s German-French Balloon Kids Camp took place in Sonnenbühl, Germany with a total of 19 participants aged 8 to 14 from Germany and France.

Most of the participants had no experience with ballooning before the camp. This made the excitement of discovering the region in the air for the first time from a balloon basket all the greater. Due to some very nice and warm October days at

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We already know it’s good for us. But going outside may be more than instinctive. There’s a reason we feel so good when we’re moving our bodies in the waters and hills outside, and breathing in the fresh air. 

And a Summit resident and multi-sport amateur athlete has self-published a book to help explain it. 

Anne Wall, who worked for the Olympics and Paralympics, was like so many of us 2½ years ago: When the

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