A spectre is haunting girls’ sports. It is the spectre of transgender athletes. About fifty different bills pending in more than twenty state legislatures seek to ban transgender athletes from team sports; one such bill was signed into law in Mississippi last week. A federal complaint filed in Connecticut alleges that trans girls’ participation in high-school sports constitutes discrimination under Title IX. And, on March 17th, when the Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings on the

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The FAI and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) share much more history than just their location in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The FAI is proud to have committed to the Olympic Charter and to be a part of the Olympic Movement as an ‘IF’ (International Sports Federation) recognised by the IOC.

The advantages of the IOC’s support

The FAI’s membership of the IOC organisation has a beneficial impact on air sports.

  • The IOC provides positive support in
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