Scientists have developed video games using AI technology to diagnose, monitor and treat depression.

The platform, called Thymia, aims to make depression and other mental health conditions as measurable as physical ailments.

Dr Emilia Molimpakis, CEO and co-founder of Thymia, told Sky News: “Right now the existing system is flawed in many ways, GPs don’t have time, the existing systems they have are subjective questionnaires that are incredibly biased and there’s no follow-up between appointments.

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Drastic, episodic air pollution caused by out-of-state wildfire smoke choked the skies over Salt Lake City this summer, chasing people indoors.

It was so bad not only could you smell it, you could taste it.

Wildfire smoke in the West and ordinary everyday pollution are impacting the sports world as managers look to take care of athletes’ health and follow guidance from NCAA and policy from the Pac-12 on when it is safe to play

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