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Even at three-quarters scale, Arcade1Up’s miniaturized arcade cabinets can quickly fill up a room, and at several hundred bucks apiece, can just as quickly wipe out a budget. For those tight on room, Arcade1Up’s new Couchcade puts arcade-style controls in your lap and retro gameplay on your TV.

Although even the smartwatch on your wrist is capable of playing retro video games, those old enough to have played classic games like Pac-Man

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Which rowing machine should you get?

Even if you’re not a water sports enthusiast, you can still appreciate a great total-body workout with a rowing machine.

Rowing machines simulate a realistic on-the-water rowing experience. This is achieved through resistance, which depending on the machine, may be magnetic, water, flywheel, or hydraulic. Users adjust resistance levels to preference to enjoy a calm, steady row— or an intense one that mimics rowing on choppy waters.

Find the

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