HONG KONG, Oct 1 (Reuters) – Tencent is resetting its M&A strategy to put more focus on buying majority stakes mainly in overseas gaming companies, as the tech giant eyes global expansion to offset slowing growth at home in China, people with direct knowledge of the matter said.

Tencent Holding Ltd (0700.HK) has for years invested in hundreds of up-and-coming businesses, mainly in the onshore market. It has typically acquired minority stakes and stayed invested

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Game developers around the world are creating innovative and groundbreaking games. We think that we can do more to bring those experiences to the billions of players everywhere. Our announcement in January that we intend to acquire Activision Blizzard was an important milestone in our journey to do so. Since then, regulators, game developers and players have been asking what the acquisition means for the industry and, most importantly, for players.

While we love consoles,

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A massive collection shows countless video game consoles.

Image: Kaori30 / Kotaku

While many a collector can claim to have any number of rare video games and memorabilia, few, if any, actually own a majority of every console variation manufactured in the last 50 years. But that’s exactly what one France-based collector has just put up for auction, some 2,400 different consoles—from standard-issue to special editions to variations never officially for sale—for the cool asking price of €984,000.00, or around a

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Netflix says it is “rapidly expanding new gaming offerings” for its cloud gaming service.

As spotted by NME (opens in new tab), the company’s gaming ambitions were listed in a recruitment advertisement looking to recruit (opens in new tab) a new senior software engineer, specializing in rendering.

Whilst the position itself isn’t such big news, it’s the advert we’re interested in, as it shows Netflix is expanding its games business. 

“Bring your passion for

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There was a time not so long ago that we knew definitively which games had sold the most copies. If you wanted to know how many people bought Splinter Cell vs. Kingdom Hearts in the fall of 2002, the numbers were right there (opens in new tab), provided by a market research company called the NPD that got its sales data directly from retail stores. Mathe-magic! 

20 years later we’re still comparing games to

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Elon Musk says that Tesla is getting closer to integrating Valve’s Steam to take its in-car gaming platform to a whole new level.

We know that Tesla has been investing heavily into integrating video games into its in-car entertainment system, but it still surprised many when Tesla said earlier this year that it planned to go as far as integrating Valve’s Steam, an online video game store and distribution platform, in its vehicles.

It would

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Since April 2022, Chinese regulators have begun approving video games again after a months-long freeze in signs Beijing’s crackdown on gaming is easing.

Feature China | Future Publishing | Getty Images

Shares of Chinese gaming companies rose Wednesday after regulators approved a slew of new games, a sign that some of the headwinds for the sector could be easing.

The list published Tuesday by China’s National Press and Publication Administration did not include approvals for

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On Sunday, PC Gamer held its annual PC Gaming Show event, showcasing dozens of games coming to, well, PC. In addition to heavy hitters like Paradox Interactive, there were loads of brilliant looking games from smaller teams — even a small group of modders. Here’s what turned our heads during the two-hour marathon.


Necrosoft Games’ Demonschool looks to blend the tactics of games like Into the Breach with JRPGs like Persona and

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While wearing long white gloves, a black choker, and a bandaid over her nose, Projekt Melody smiles as she holds her head in her hands.

Image: Projekt Melody

In 2002, games journalist and researcher Jane Pinckard used the Trance Vibrator—a USB accessory that would vibe in time with the music of the trippy PS2 shooter Rez—to masturbate. In her now-classic blog, Pinckard lauded the game’s dripping colors and transportive sounds, but found the physical sensations generated by the Trance Vibrator most compelling.

“I moved the vibrator into my lap,” she wrote. Her boyfriend continued to play

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Update (5/8/22) – Xbox Support has confirmed that players should “no longer be seeing issues when it comes to purchases, launching games, or joining Cloud Gaming sessions.”

They also thanked everyone for being patient and wished everyone some “happy gaming!”

The original story follows.

Xbox Support has warned that “some users are unable to purchase & launch games or start Cloud Gaming sessions” on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and devices that support

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