Here it is winter time in Southeast Texas, no matter what the calendar says, we’ve been having winter weather off and on throughout November. I have seldom seen such beautiful color in the foliage of the trees around where we live as there is now, especially at this time of year.

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For the past two years, business has been moving in the wrong direction for Dan Lay, who manages the wake boat dealership Active Water Sports in the Portland metro area.

“I’m seeing customers wanting to sell their boats,” he said. “No one’s champing at the bit to buy new boats. It’s definitely made doing business more difficult.”

Wake boats are designed to create an endless 3-foot wave that wake surfers and wakeboarders can ride. They

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U.S. Coast Guard reports boating safety figure improvements in 2021 despite historic growth in new boat ownership. WSF credits increased safety course enrollment.

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The U.S. Coast Guard’s latest 2021 Recreational Boating Statistics Report revealed boating safety improved with a 15.4% drop in the fatality rate per 100,000 registered vessels since 2020 while incidents decreased by 15.7% to 4,439; total fatalities decreased by 14.2% to 658; and total

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– Memorial Day is the Traditional Launch to Seasonal Boating Activity – 

ORLANDO, Fla., May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With a 35% increase in new boat ownership and 415,000 new boaters taking to the waterways since 2020, boating participation will reach historic levels of participation this summer, says Water Sports Foundation Executive Director Jim Emmons.

With the Memorial Day holiday traditionally serving as the kick-off to summer boating activity, Emmons says the Water

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— When winter offers a few mild-to-warm days, some water sports enthusiasts pull out their canoes and kayaks. It could be a risky decision for the unprepared. Falling into cold water can quickly turn into a life-threatening event.

Watersports safety advocates warn that the air temperature above the water’s surface is nothing like the chill down under.

On Christmas Day of 2021 in Wake County, the air

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Families for Boating, a non-profit organization of community groups around the U.S dedicated to preserving access to waterways for boaters and water sports enthusiasts, is actively trying to assist boaters facing regulatory threats or concerns. 

Recreational boating and water sports have grown significantly in popularity across the nation, particularly over the pandemic, with more families than ever enjoying the benefits of fun, on-water activities. With this growth in activity on lakes, rivers and waterways has

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DAVIDSON, NC — Taking the boat out for a ride on Lake Norman has become among the most fun and peaceful ways to celebrate the 4th of July near Cornelius, Huntersville and Davidson, with boat outings already in the works for the holiday in 2021.

But with hundreds of thousands of people becoming first-time boat owners during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Water Sports Foundation, there may still be some inexperience on the waters

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Many boaters are hitting the water as Memorial Day begins; however, safety is paramount with increased activity.

With new and used boat sales soaring to record highs in 2020 to first-time boat buyers, boating safety stakeholders are taking extra measures to communicate and promote safe boating messages prior to the busy Memorial Day holiday and the unofficial launch of the summer boating season, according to a news release from the Water Sports Foundation.

“The pandemic

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So far this year, seven boating fatalities have been reported. There’s also been 24 accidents and nine serious injuries this year, according to the TWRA.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — In 2020, Tennessee saw 32 boating fatalities, marking the deadliest year on the water in almost 40 years. It’s a drastic difference from 2019, which saw a record low of eight fatalities.  

So far this year, seven boating fatalities have been reported. A Morristown man was struck

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As part of a U.S. Coast Guard Boating Safety Outreach Grant, the Water Sports Foundation (WSF) has just completed the first phase and launch of its new “National Boating Safety Media Center,” which is designed to facilitate and support the work of journalists assigned to cover boating safety topics. 

Housed within a dedicated section on the Water Sports Foundation’s new website (, the media center features nearly 300 pieces of content covering 54

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