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If you’ve ever logged into Twitter, Instagram or some other social media platform that can track your interests lately, you’ve most likely seen two things. One, a ton of depressing news because that’s just the world right now. And two, you’ve likely seen those weird ads for some zombie game or other. While most people probably just scroll right past these ads, maybe shaking their head or chuckling,

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The announcement last week from the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association has put everyone into scramble mode — high school athletes, coaches and especially, athletic directors.

Last Wednesday, the WIAA Executive Board announced that it was planning to move forward with its proposed calendar bring back prep sports on Feb. 1. But instead of traditional winter sports starting as originally planned, fall sports were moved to the front of the line.

That twist caught many by

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The pause on high school sports that started Nov. 21 brought many questions for coaches and athletes. 

When will the winter season start? How long will the season be? Are we even going to have a season?

Those questions have started to be resolved as Gov. Tim Walz announced Wednesday that high school sports and other youth sports can begin practicing on Jan. 4.

As for competitions, there wasn’t a specific date mentioned as more

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