BEL AIR, MD — We all know student athletes who also bring their A-game to other parts of their lives.

Here at Patch, we’ve launched an initiative to help recognize these heroes making a difference in their communities. We’re working to let all your neighbors know the individual stories behind the leaderboard.

This submission comes from Stacey Kennedy who nominated Kaleb of Bel Air.

Star student athlete’s name


Star student athlete’s home state


Star student athlete’s Patch town

Bel Air

How do you know the star student athlete?

I’m his mother

What sport does the star student athlete play?

Baseball, football, basketball

Why do you believe the star student athlete should be recognized?

Kaleb has overcome his health issues and works hard every day, training to reach his goal of becoming a college player. He is a leader on all of his teams. He made all county football and basketball last year, he is putting up impressive numbers in baseball, both for his future HS team and travel team. He is one of the top kids on his travel team, which is a top team in the state. He is involved in community service whether it’s holding his own food drives or cooking for the homeless once a month. He overcame bullying at his last school, looks out for kids who may need help at school and is the most resilient person we know.

What’s one thing you want everyone to know about the star student athlete?

The strong athlete we see now was once a very sick young child. He didn’t let it stop him. He is a fighter.

Keep up the great work, Kaleb!

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