SHERBURN — The Sherburn City Council met Monday. They discussed a commendation from the State of MN for their Wastewater Plant and staff. The clerk will send a letter to the staff. Congratulations.

Temporary liquor licenses were approved for the Lions Club and the Fire Department Relief Association for the Holiday Festival planning to be held June 19 this year. The fire department plans to hold the chicken feed on June 18 and use the liquor license then. All are hoping the festival will be held this year.

The council discussed possible incentive pay to those who have been vaccinated for COVID for city employees. The liquor store had to be closed since a positive test necessitated a quarantine of employees.

The clerk and administrator will look into the legality and rules of using COVID Cares money for this. They hope to encourage city employees to get the COVID vaccination.

The demolition of 112 South Manyaska St. is progressing but the property cannot be used for a burn out by the fire department. The land for a new well was discussed. The parts for the well have been ordered and are in production.

The sealcoating of some streets was discussed and the high price of building permits was discussed. Several council members will look into the matter and it was tabled until the next meeting on May 17.

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