Saratoga Springs approves argument for bond to fund rec center | News, Sports, Jobs
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Saratoga Springs approves argument for bond to fund rec center | News, Sports, Jobs

Courtesy Saratoga Springs

Rendering of a conceptual site plan for the proposed Saratoga Springs recreational complex. Renderings were provided during the Saratoga Springs City Council meeting on Thursday, June 23, 2022.

The Saratoga Springs City Council voted Tuesday to issue General Obligation Bonds up to, but not exceeding, $70,000,000.

The bonds will be submitted as a question to Saratoga Springs voters as part of the upcoming Nov. 8 general election.

If passed, these funds would be used to build recreation facilities in Saratoga Springs, including a recreation center and aquatics center.

According to the city’s argument in favor of recreation General Obligation Bonds, the proposed recreation center may have indoor sports courts, a family leisure pool, a lap pool, exercise equipment, a running track, fitness rooms, multipurpose rooms and outdoor natural hot spring soaking pools.

Also included in the plan is a proposal to research geothermal energy as a way to heat the recreation center and aquatics center.

Isaac Hale, Daily Herald file photo

Wheat grows beside Mountain View Road in northwestern Saratoga Springs on Tuesday, June 23, 2020.

“The City recognizes recreational facilities, including a possible recreation center, is an important project to some residents of Saratoga Springs;” reads a draft of the argument in favor of the proposal. “However, in order for the City to fund the project it must issue a bond, secured by a property tax levy.”

The city is required by law to submit an official argument in favor of issuing the General Obligation Bonds, but is not required to submit an argument against them.

In the same motion, the Saratoga Springs City Council also approved an argument in favor of posing a recreation, arts and parks (RAP) tax.

The proposed RAP tax would collect one cent for every $10 spent in Saratoga Springs by any consumer, resident and non-resident alike.

According to the argument in favor, funds accrued by a RAP tax would go toward providing additional recreational and arts programming opportunities for members of the Saratoga Springs community and go toward developing approximately 50 acres of undeveloped land into recreation and park facilities.

“Many cities in our area collect this tax, including American Fork, Lehi, Cedar Hills, Spanish Fork, Orem, and Salt Lake County. When you shop in these communities you are paying for their recreation arts and park,” reads a draft of the argument in favor. “Let’s bring this revenue to our community. We urge you to become educated, visionary, and engaged in preparing for the future of Saratoga Springs by voting in favor of the RAP tax.”

A public meeting to hear arguments for and against the issuance of the bonds from citizens will be held on Oct. 4 at 6 p.m. at 1307 North Commerce Drive, in Saratoga Springs.


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