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Sanya Promotes Water Sports for Coming Summer as Travel Picks Up Pace

Sanya Promotes Water Sports for Coming Summer as Travel Picks Up Pace

In line with changing tourist expectations, Sanya is constantly enriching its offering to attract new travelers to discover its shores and encourage previous ones to return. As the winter season winds down, Sanya is helping sports enthusiasts, especially ski lovers, to continue finessing their athletic prowess with more options of water sports in the coming summer.

“In terms of technical and physical skills, surfing and skiing have a lot in common. Wake surfing, for example, can assist sports enthusiasts to improve their balance and coordination, making it ideal for cross-training throughout the summer. With its unique natural resources and abundant facilities, Sanya is the perfect destination for sports fans to hone their skills,” said Albert Yip, director general of the Sanya Tourism Promotion Board (STPB).

With more than 20 wake surfing clubs in Sanya, wake surfing is one of Sanya’s trendiest water sports and is fast becoming popular amongst tourists who want to experience the flow of snowboarding in summer. A more accessible activity than surfing, wake surfing allows a rider to trail behind a motorboat on a short surfboard and ride its wake. There’s no need to wait for the perfect break: the motorboat generates waves roughly one meter high on either side of the stern, and riders simply need to surf the waves to enjoy the feeling of gliding on water.

Beyond wake surfing, Sanya offers a plethora of water sports for all to discover. For those who prefer their watersports at a more leisurely pace, sailing is the perfect solution. Perched on a boat in the ocean, tourists can enjoy the comfort of a cool sea breeze and the excitement of the waves against the beautiful backdrop of Hainan Island. Those after an adrenalin rush can hop on a jet-ski, hit the accelerator, and experience the South China Sea at full speed.

In Sanya, water sports aren’t simply enjoyed on the ocean. Visitors are invited to take to the skies and experience the feeling of free skiing with parasailing activities. Soaring above Hainan Island, travelers of all ages can soak up the vibrant hues of the sea and sky and see the island from a new perspective, while enjoying the rush of adventure and excitement of being suspended above the ocean. Flyboarding is another must-try experience in Sanya: thanks to a pressurized jet of water, riders can hover up to 22 meters above the sea — and the brave can even perform fancy tricks.

From winter to summer, from water sports and cultural tourism activities to themed events and festivals, Sanya will continue to design, develop, promote exciting travel products and transform the city into a global premium travel destination where everyone can enjoy.

SOURCE Sanya Tourism Promotion Board