Immersed in the forest, but easily accessible, you can find the Río Cuarto Lagoon, located in the canton of Alajuela. This natural paradise is a fountain of youth for those who visit it. It is located at 400 m.a.s.l. and it has a depth of 75 meters, which makes it the deepest natural lagoon in Costa Rica.

Its paths around this green water lagoon, the huge native trees of the region and the breeze makes it a true therapeutic site.The lagoon gives rise to life, thanks to its water, which serves as a source for the different species of birds that you can find.

This lagoon is full of beauty, it has exotic fish and with the rays of the sun, it takes an emerald green color, thanks to the volcanic minerals with which it contains.The banks of the lagoon are made up of subangular lava blocks and in the western sector some older lava flows are observed, not related to the volcano.

There is no significant or obvious secondary activity, so it is a dormant volcano, except for the changes in the color of its waters, towards reddish tones, an issue still open to discussion of whether it is volcanic, climatological activity or another natural phenomenon.

Many fun activities available for the visitors

The lagoon is quite crowded by lovers of water sports, since in its calm waters you can do almost any type of water sport, in addition to this they have the option of being able to spend a pleasant night camping on the shore of the lagoon and tour the trails that are bordering this sector and marvel at the flora and fauna.

It is important to note that in this place there are no establishments or public services, so you must bring your own food.

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