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RI is hiring a recruiter to increase hunters, trappers. Here’s why

RI is hiring a recruiter to increase hunters, trappers. Here’s why

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management plans to hire somebody who can recruit hunters and trappers, including women and people from minority communities.

“We’re hiring! DEM’s Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) is looking for an innovative self-starter with a strong human dimensions background to coordinate the state’s efforts to recruit, retain and reactivate (R3) outdoor enthusiasts, specifically hunters, trappers and shooting sportsmen and women,” the DEM says in a Facebook post.

The job, which pays $71,487 for a 35-hour work week, is consistent with a wider effort to encourage those outdoor sports.

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License fees for those activities and taxes on equipment help pay for wildlife management and land conservation, but Rhode Island and other states across the nation are seeing a drop in hunting, according to the DEM.

“We’ve seen a tremendous decline in the number of people who participate in hunting,” said David Kalb, supervising wildlife biologist for the DEM’s Division of Fish and Wildlife.

For example, Kalb said, the state sold 8,800 hunting licenses last year, a sizeable drop from the peak of 11,600 in 2000.

Revenue has decreased along with the drop in license sales, Kalb said, although he couldn’t immediately attach a dollar figure to it. Hunting licenses generally cost $21 for residents, although there’s a discount for juniors, seniors and military. There’s also an additional cost for permits for species such as deer, turkeys and pheasants.