The Williamson County Parks and Recreation Department (WCPR) completed an over year long renovation project at the Indoor Sports Complex in Brentwood, 920 Heritage Way, this spring opening a new 10,608 square foot gymnasium.

Complementing the facility’s existing Olympic sized competition and training pool; wellness center and five, indoor tennis courts; the building now features a 2,200 square foot group fitness studio; four, outdoor pickle ball courts; the 10,000 square foot Brentwood Splash Park and a spacious, new gymnasium.

With the conclusion of this renovation; programming options at the Indoor Sports Complex now include: land and aqua-based fitness classes; lap and open swimming; tennis clinic, league, tournament and open play opportunities; plus pickle ball clinics and open play; as well as, basketball and volleyball play; plus personal training and nutrition counseling.

All Williamson County Parks and Recreation facilities and programs are open to the public. For detailed information on facility amenities, available programs, pass options; plus online registration and pass purchasing visit

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