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PS5 stock UK – live: Today’s restock updates from Game, BT, Argos, John Lewis and more

PS5 stock UK – live: Today’s restock updates from Game, BT, Argos, John Lewis and more

Battlefield 2042 digital standard edition on Xbox Series X/S and PS5 now offers cross-gen bundle

UPDATE: We’re hoping for PS5 restocks from Game, John Lewis and Amazon this week.

The PS5 launched in November 2020, but supply problems and a global chip shortage caused the production of Sony’s next-generation console to slow to a crawl. New stock is still difficult to find, and when it does appear the PS5 sells out almost instantly.

September was a mixed bag when it came to PS5 restocks, but was still much better than June and July. Although not as good as August, we still saw some hefty drops at Very, Smyths ToysBTEEArgosAmazon and Game. We had 10 drops to end the month of September. The question now, is, will October be any good? It doesn’t look too peachy so far. We’ve only seen AO.comBT and an in-store drop at Smyths Toys so far.

If you’re still on the lookout for a PS5, you’ve come to the right place. Our liveblog is on hand to give you the latest insight on Playstation 5 restocks from all major UK retailers, both online and in-store, as well as providing details on rumoured releases, the latest PS5 games and accessories to snap up.

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How to buy an Xbox series X

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If you think buying a PS5 is hard work, then you should try finding an Xbox series X. Microsoft’s rival next-generation console is even more difficult to track down at the moment, with stock appearing at random then disappearing almost immediately. Thankfully, the IndyBest team is here to help. We also run a live UK restock blog for the Xbox series X, so if you’re in the market for Microsoft’s console, head on over there now.

Alistair Charlton11 October 2021 10:05


Have there been any PS5 restocks yet in October?

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We’re now 11 days into October and it’s been pretty quiet on the PS5 front. Electronics retailer has brought the most joy to PS5 hunters so far, with restocks on 1 and 4 October. A day later, Smyths Toys had an in-store restock – a reminder there to regularly check your local stores, kids! – and ShopTo treated us to a restock last week, on 9 October.

Alistair Charlton11 October 2021 09:45


When did Amazon last have a PS5 restock?

We haven’t seen a restock from Amazon in October yet. The most recent PS5 restock came on 29 September, and before this we saw stock arrive on 22 September and 11 August. May, June and July each had two restocks, so Amazon has been among the more consistent retailers when it comes to PS5 availability, even if stock disappears almost as quickly as it arrives.

Amazon sometimes only makes fresh PS5 stock available to Prime members, so we recommend signing up to that ahead of time. That way, you’ll be logged in and ready to hit the buy button as soon as those consoles arrive. Also, it is worth noting how Amazon sometimes lists one version of PS5 ahead of the other. Previously we have seen the disc edition land first, with the digital edition being made available shortly after.

Alistair Charlton11 October 2021 09:31


When did John Lewis last have a PS5 restock?

John Lewis & Partners last had a PS5 restock on 28 September. This came just four days after another restock, but these were the only two we saw from the retailer in September. With a bit of luck, more stock will be made available sooner in the month for October, but for now both versions of the PS5 are marked as out of stock.

Prior to this, we saw just one restock from John Lewis in August, one in July, none in June and one in May. Will we see more frequent restocks in October? We sure hope so…

Alistair Charlton11 October 2021 09:15


When did Game last have a PS5 restock?

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Game is one of the retailers that could see a PS5 restock this week. The website currently shows the PS5 and PS5 digital edition out of stock, but hopefully this will change soon and we’ll get an indication as to when the consoles will be available to buy.

Game had three PS5 restocks last month, on 14, 15 and 29 September, so hopefully we’ll see a similar amount in October too. That said, Game managed just one restock in August and two in June and July, so stock hasn’t always been as plentiful as it was in September.

Alistair Charlton11 October 2021 09:08


Which retailers are expected to restock this week?

This week, we’re hopeful for PS5 restocks from Game, John Lewis and Amazon.

Game has been pretty good at releasing new stock on a regular basis, with three PS5 restocks through September. Amazon isn’t quite as regular, but had a couple of restocks in September, and John Lewis also had two PS5 restocks last month.

Unlike the Xbox series X, retailers tend to give a heads-up about when new stock will arrive. Hopefully Game, John Lewis and Amazon will do the same thing this time around and give us (and you!) a bit of notice before the consoles land.

Alistair Charlton11 October 2021 09:06


Hello and welcome

Good morning, PS5 hunters! Welcome to a brand new week on the IndyBest PS5 restock live blog. If you’re looking for a PS5 in the UK, then this is where you will find all of the latest news on retailer restocks of the must-have but tricky-to-find console.

Alistair Charlton11 October 2021 08:37

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