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PlayStation Formally Acquires New Studio

PlayStation Formally Acquires New Studio

Sony has today announced that it has officially acquired a new game developer that will be joining the ranks of PlayStation Studios. Earlier this year, it was revealed that PlayStation would be purchasing Haven Studios, which is a new company founded by video game industry veteran Jade Raymond. And while it remains to be seen what Haven will be creating, the studio can now begin working with those at PlayStation in a formal capacity.

PlayStation announced on social media this morning that the deal to acquire Haven has now officially closed, which means that the studio is now part of PlayStation Studios. In total, Haven is the 20th developer that now makes up PlayStation Studios. Unlike many other studios that belong to PlayStation, though, Haven has yet to release its first game. The studio as a whole was only founded by Raymond back in 2021 with the aim of making “a modern multiplayer experience” of some sort. PlayStation itself seemed to be impressed by what it saw of the project, which led to this acquisition. 

As mentioned, the most notable thing about Haven right now is that it is helmed by Jade Raymond. Throughout her career, Raymond has held high-level positions at both Ubisoft and Electronic Arts and helped work on franchises like Splinter Cell, Watch Dogs, Fary Cry, and Star Wars Battlefront. She’s also perhaps most well-known for serving as the producer of the original Assassin’s Creed, which went on to be one of Ubisoft’s biggest franchises ever. Prior to establishing Haven, Raymond also worked at Stadia Games and Entertainment before Google opted to shutter the studio. 

In all likelihood, it might be quite some time until we see Haven’s new game for PlayStation 5 announced. Even though we know that the game will be multiplayer-focused, the fact that the company has only existed for a little over a year means that we probably won’t see anything substantial for a bit longer. Still, it’s interesting to see that PlayStation is clearly looking to focus more on multiplayer games after the PS4 era primarily saw Sony releasing single-player titles from its first-party studios. 

Are you excited to see more of what Haven is currently working on? And when do you think that the studio will formally reveal its future project for PS5? Let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.