Phases laid out for outdoor sports complex
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Phases laid out for outdoor sports complex

The planned outdoor sports complex in Brandon is estimated to cost approximately $16 million to build, with a three-year construction schedule starting this fall, it was revealed at Monday’s Brandon City Council meeting.

At the meeting, manager of parks operations Bryce Wilson delivered a progress update on the creation of the complex destined to be built east of First Street North and south of Veterans Way. The estimated price tag includes a 30 per cent contingency in case of unexpected costs or cost overruns.

Phase 1 of the project, expected to start construction this year and continue next year, is supposed to cost around $6,726,000 with $8,743,800 being put aside to include the 30 per cent contingency.

It will include the construction of five soccer fields and an ultimate Frisbee field, with the dikes on the edge of the complex closest to the Assiniboine River being improved.

On the south end of the field, farthest away from Veterans Way, there will be an irrigation ditch on the east side of the property and room for building more fields on the west side.

“This is a major earthworks project … that we’re looking at tendering in the very near future in the early fall,” Wilson said of Phase 1.

Phase 2 of the project will be more building-focused, budgeted around $3,274,000 with $4,256,200 being put aside to include a 30 per cent contingency. Construction will start in 2023 and continue into 2024.

That will be the construction of a clubhouse with washroom and changerooms at this time, a maintenance building, a FIFA-sized field and two cricket pitches with practice batting areas, he said. “Also included in there will be the roadwork as well and a small parking lot near the clubhouse.”

Wilson later explained that the clubhouse was originally planned to be bigger, but was reduced to just those essentials to save money.

FIFA, the international organizing body for soccer, has a set of standards for the size of not just soccer pitches, but also where the touchlines are drawn and how big the goals should be.

Phase 3, which is expected to start in 2024 and continue in 2025, is being budgeted at a cost of $2,414,000 with $3,138,200 being put aside to include a 30 per cent contingency.

In that phase, four fields will be built on the northeast corner of the property and another parking lot above the cricket fields.

After going through the phases, Wilson explained how the city has found some savings on the project. Some clay material for the earthworks has been found near the site, which eliminates the need to have it trucked to the site.

For the initial phase of the project, to save on landscaping cost, trees will not be planted. Wilson expressed hope that the city can fundraise or get sponsorship to install the trees at some point, or include those costs in the annual parks operating budget.

When it comes to building a canteen or a room suitable for recreation programming on site, Wilson said the city is also hopeful to receive sponsorship to help cover costs.

To save money on building paths, they will be made of either granular material or grass.

Though a synthetic turf for the FIFA-sized field has currently been cut from the budget for the complex, Wilson said the city will be inquiring about more external funding to install it. According to him, local stakeholders have expressed an interest in synthetic turf being installed.

If the city is unable to secure more funding through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure, it will look at scaling back the project in a way that doesn’t affect the $11.5 million received through the program already.

The project has been on the city’s wishlist for years, but was only formally added to the capital plan during city council’s 2021 budget deliberations.

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