Outdoor show promotes variety of sports ahead of summer
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Outdoor show promotes variety of sports ahead of summer

MOSINEE, Wis. (WSAW) – Sunday marked the first-ever Mosinee Area Outdoor Show, highlighting local outdoor sporting companies ahead of a new season.

The idea started with Mosinee-based Moose Knee Rafting, which wanted to provide a showcase for outdoor sporting.

“We wanted to get a lot of the outdoor vendors that are involved in outdoors, in with us,” said Moose Knee co-owner Edward Babio. “We also wanted to make it something for families.”

The event featured several outdoor sporting companies ranging across motorsports, rafting, paddling, fishing and more. The show was held at Reservoir Dog Saloon near Mosinee.

“We’re just looking to get more and more outdoor enthusiasts involved,” said Moose Knee volunteer Brooke Simonis.

Part of the appeal of the show is the area itself. According to Babio, this area of Wisconsin is ideal for several outdoor sports across all seasons.

“When it comes down to it, this is one of the best areas to do your flatwater kayaking, any kind of kayaking, any kind of paddling at all, period,” said Babio. “It’s great just to enjoy the scenery and be outdoors.”

While Sunday marked the first rendition of the show, there are plans for it to continue to expand in future years.

“Our plans are to extend this event onward and make it a city-wide event throughout Mosinee,” said Moose Knee co-owner Earl Jorgensen. “This is a four-season sport area and we are here to support that.”

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