Nintendo Switch Online Adds Five Games To Take It Past The Century Mark

Nintendo has done one of their favorite things, with another late-night random drop of Nintendo Switch Online games, this time adding 5 new games to the service on May 26. This officially takes the English version of Switch Online over 100 games when counting both Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System games with a total of 104 games. The newest additions include 4 SNES games, and 1 NES title for you to experience, including two that have never been localized before.

New SNES Switch Online Games for May 26

Leading the charge on the SNES games on Switch is the never before localized Magical Drop2. A puzzle game in the match 3 style of Puyo Puyo, this was originally an arcade game that got released on Super Famicom in 1996, when the platform was getting long in the tooth, likely convincing Data East not to bother localizing it.

Sticking with Data East we have Joe & Mac, also known as Caveman Ninja. This is a bit of an odd one, as the SNES Online already had the sequel Joe & Mac 2, but if you wanted more prehistoric fun with them, this is just the thing as you can go fight neanderthals and other foes to go save the ladies, and possibly ensure your own existence.

From Natsume we have an odd game with Spanky’s Quest that you really have to look at to quite get. It has you playing as the monkey Spanky whose picnic got interrupted by a witch dropping bricks everywhere. To fix the problems, Spanky has to stay ahead of the Witch’s raven, clear six towers, and deal with all sorts of oddness while using bubble attacks, and more. Look, sometimes games are just weird, and Spanky’s Quest is known for being one of the weirder ones.

From a company known in the west for odd stuff, Culture Brain brings an oddly buttoned-up game with Super Baseball Simulator 1.000. While not a straight sim, Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 is a sports title with weird special abilities that you can use like Phantom Ball, and multiplayer play options.

New NES Switch Online Games for May 26

As you may have guessed, our other previously unlocalized game is the NES title, which is Ninja JaJaMaru-kun. JaJaMaru-kun was Jaleco’s most popular character at the time, and this was his third game, which sees you traveling across horizontally scrolling levels, throwing shurikens to save Princess Sakura. While a bit of a cheat to say it wasn’t localized – it did see a limited European release in its MSX form – this version of the game has never been released outside of Japan.

Adventurous users can also open up the Japanese Super Famicom app to add Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War to their Super Famicom Online libraries. Do note though, that this will be in Japanese, and not localized for English.


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