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New Film From China Looks Like PUBG: The Movie

New Film From China Looks Like PUBG: The Movie

Gif: Huawen Picture Group / Kotaku

A newly announced action film releasing in China this August looks cool as hell and features a game that seems a lot like PUBG with a storyline focused on a down on his luck esports streamer.

As documented and explained by Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at Niko Partners, Biubiubiu is a recently revealed action movie launching only in China (as of now), and the two trailers out for the film seem like a blast. It also appears that the fictional game appearing in the film is heavily inspired by the battle royale online shooter, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. (Better known as PUBG)

I can’t speak or read any other languages, so I have no idea what’s going on in these trailers, but it looks cool. I’d watch this with some subtitles. It looks better than that Ryan Reynolds video game movie.

According to Ahmad, the movie is selling itself as “the first esports battle royale film” and that the movie is about a “down and out streamer that forms an esports team with old friends.” Also, apparently, the movie includes a custody battle over a kid too, for some reason.

In both trailers, you can see how the film is handling the video game action. Instead of using CGI animation or in-game machinima for these parts, the movie relies on live-action sequences that are meant to depict the gameplay happening during the esports tournaments. And the action seen in these sections of the film looks to be damn good. I especially like the moment seen in a second, different trailer involving a grenade slowly blowing up. Cool shit.

It’s impossible to ignore that the game depicted in both trailers looks an awful lot like PUBG, which isn’t surprising considering how popular the game is in China and around the world. Though, to be clear, this isn’t an official tie-in with PUBG or Peacekeeper Elite or anything like that. But based on this poster, I’d say it’s very obvious where the creators of the film were pulling inspiration for the fictional game.

Biubiubiu is releasing exclusively in China on August 6 via the video hosting service Youku.