If you’ve been in the market for a gaming chair this year, you might well have run into my review of the Noblechairs Hero gaming chair Doom Edition. As this was something reminiscent of an artefact of the occult, my review had joked nonchalantly about the “distinctly hellish vibe” emanating from it, without any comprehension of its true inner evil. So, as this abridged account had only skimmed the surface of the blazing calamity trapped within its accursed frame, I thought I’d bring you the full story.

Having been previously damned to discomfort by the rocklike padding of an unbranded ‘gaming’ chair, the second my boss suggested a straightforward gaming chair review for me—a newcomer to the team—I launched myself at the opportunity. But as I accrued my research on the chair in question, the original feeling of excitement soon faded, giving way to a surging trepidation.