David Monks is the new President of the FAI ©FAI

The World Air Sports Federation (FAI) has elected David Monks as its new President on a two-year term after the FAI General Conference was held online from December 2 to 5.

An electrical engineer from the United Kingdom, Monks has been flying helicopters since 1995 and has since then held positions in many air sports organisations.

These include being the chairman of the Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom and the Helicopter Club of Great Britain.

He has also been active within FAI on the FAI Rotorcraft Commission and the FAI Air Sport General Commission since 2009.

Monks has also participated in many FAI Championships, winning a bronze medal at the 2008 FAI World Helicopter Championships and two silvers at the 2012 Championships.

He also holds three FAI world records.

“I’m delighted with my appointment,” said Monks.

“I am pleased to have a newly elected Executive Board behind me to ensure we all deliver on the vision we have for FAI responding to the current challenges we are presented with.”

New Zealand's Bob Henderson has departed as FAI President after two years ©FAI
New Zealand’s Bob Henderson has departed as FAI President after two years ©FAI

Monks starts his term immediately, succeeding the outgoing Bob Henderson, who was made an FAI President of Honour.

There were a total of 170 participants representing 57 countries at the FAI General Conference, with the online format being necessary in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Along with Monks appointment, two executive directors were re-elected – Iceland’s Agust Gudmundsson and Italy’s Marina Vigorito.

India’s Pankul Mathur, the United States’ Eric Mozer, the United Kingdom’s Patrick Naegeli and Australia’s Graeme Windsor were also elected as directors.

Markus Haggeney will continue as FAI secretary-general too.

Suzie Gebb from France and Alvaro de Orleans Borbon from Spain were nominated by the FAI President and appointed as Companions of Honour by the General Conference, a form of honours system within the FAI.

The FAI Executive Board are set to hold their next conferences in the first half of 2021.