Mike McNeill’s Diary for Tuesday, March 5, 2022: Welcome, Steve’s Outdoor Sports | Mike McNeill’s Diary
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Mike McNeill’s Diary for Tuesday, March 5, 2022: Welcome, Steve’s Outdoor Sports | Mike McNeill’s Diary

We welcome back today as a temporary advertiser Steve’s Outdoor Sports. The store is promoting its Smith & Wesson Days sale from April 14-24. It is sponsoring a range day from noon to 6 p.m. on April 14 at the Magnolia Shooting Range. People who click on the ad will be redirected to the Steve’s Outdoor Sports website. We appreciate the opportunity to help Steve’s promote its special sale.

Many aspects of Southern Arkansas University’s land lease along U.S. 82 to a prospective hotel developer are exciting. Among them is the possibility to spur other landowners along the stretch on the north side of Magnolia to do the same thing. Up top, it has to be said that SAU is the 800-pound gorilla in this room. SAU owns about 75 percent of the real estate on both sides of the highway between U.S. 371 (North Vine Street) on the west, and U.S. 79 on the east. There’s little that’s going to happen along this stretch of U.S. 82 unless SAU wants it to happen, and it desperately wants hospitality and entertainment venues to happen. SAU and Magnolia need more student- and business-focused amenities. A hotel is a good thing with which to start. So who else might be spurred? Shinn Investments owns almost all of the property on the south side of U.S. 82 from North Vine to the L&NW Railroad. SAU owns the remainder until the property lines reach the homes along Chaffin Lane. Ownership along the north side of U.S. 82 is only slightly more diverse. ARDOT owns a small but significant sliver of frontage from U.S. 371 east. On the north side of this easement is 83 acres owned by Clifton Kim LLC. Then there’s the access road to the Harvey Couch business park, and east of that is the 13 acres held by Peel River LLC, where a concrete plant is located. Next to the concrete plant is the acreage that SAU is leasing to Dawson Holdings for the hotel development. SAU owns all of the road frontage from County Road 13 to the Olde Oaks subdivision on the north side of U.S. 82. We suppose SAU wants to keep any additional commercial development north of U.S. 82.

This little Piggy went to market.

Quite the news that Bobby Frizzell is leaving the Taylor School District for the superintendent’s job at Smackover-Norphlet. The Taylor Elementary School principalship is a pretty plum post and we have every confidence that the Emerson-Taylor-Bradley School District will receive many good applications. CLICK HERE to see the story.

Five years ago today, we reported that President Trump ordered the U.S. Navy to destroy an air base in Syria after chemical weapons were used against civilians in Idlib. The Navy fired a total of 59 Tomahawk missiles at the base. The missile is assembled by Raytheon in East Camden. CLICK HERE to see the story.

Speaking of South Arkansas arms sales, we note that the U.S. will sell Saudi Arabia more than $1 billion in additional THAAD hardware to protect against incoming missile attacks. On the one hand, we’re happy to take their money but on the other, Saudi Arabia is among our least-favorite governments on the planet. We repeat our standing objection to the United States doing business with this repressive regime that sanctions the murder of journalists. Lockheed can sell plenty of THAAD systems to Poland, South Korea and Japan. CLICK HERE to see our story.

Scouting locations.

Our readers just barely got the Kansas Jayhawks right. Kansas beat North Carolina 72-69 for the NCAA men’s basketball championship on Monday night. Our poll indicated that 50.87 percent of our readers picked Kansas to win.

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