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Amazon Headed to the lake this summer with the fam? Keep everyone entertained with these fun water toys for the lake. No fancy water sports equipment here! These lake-friendly toys only need some hot air (an air compressor would work) and, well, a lake. We’ve got lake trampolines (aka, water […]

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Headed to the lake this summer with the fam? Keep everyone entertained with these fun water toys for the lake. No fancy water sports equipment here! These lake-friendly toys only need some hot air (an air compressor would work) and, well, a lake. We’ve got lake trampolines (aka, water bouncers), lake slides for the thrill seekers, water blasters, paddle boards, and plenty of floats. Go ahead grab that cocktail and sunhat and take a float! (We mean you, not your kids.)

We’ve all seen the Insta-worthy larger than life lake floats taking over social media. Unicorn and swan inflatable lake toys are populating shorelines everywhere. (Because they are adorable). But if you are looking for something more fun than fashionable, you came to the right spot. We’ve got lake floats (light years better than molting pool noodles) and inflatables that will be just as selfie worthy. Plus, floating islands and oversized swim mats — which quite possibly could be the best water toys for the lake, ever! 

Unload a summer of thrills with a lake trampoline or a lake slide. Be that super fun parent and get those kiddos playing king of the lake on a water bouncer (you can also keep it tame with some casual jumping (or flipping) into the water. Better yet, blow up one of our favorite lake slides and let those kids take the ride of their life — totally boat free. It’s summer, your kids are going to get bored and on your last nerve. Increase the lake fun factor with the best water toys for the lake for the whole family (and save your sanity).

Best Water Toys for the Lake

You better watch your back with the Max Liquidators floating around the lake. Pull the handle to load the cannon with the tip underwater and you’ve got an epic water fight on your hands. Small but mighty, the 2-inch diameter water blasters are only 12 inches long, allowing youngsters to easily join in on the fun! “I got these for my kids to play with and they most certainly don’t disappoint” reviews one Amazon customer. “The maximum range on these (around 30′ with a little elbow grease put into it) surpasses any super-soaker that I’ve ever tried, and they’re extremely easy to use. Granted they have no water reservoir, so you have to use them in the pool, lake, ocean, etc. for them to be effective, but aside from that they are a fantastic water toy. Plus, they’re brightly colored and float on the surface of the water so almost impossible to lose.” Looking for more power? Check out the Max Liquidator Eliminator with a larger 3-inch diameter.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Realize your sporty dreams with the premium inflatable SUP by MaxKare. Constructed of military grade PVS for a super sturdy and smooth ride that is even stable enough for yoga. “Great board for beginners” reviews one Amazon customer. “This is a great portable inflatable board for beginners or intermediate SUP boarders. The board inflates in about 5 minutes with the pump. My dog has plenty of room to stand and doesn’t damage the board with his nails. The deflating process couldn’t be more simple. It will release the air on its own and it easily packs away in the bag.” The SUP kit comes complete with everything you need to get out on the lake with included paddle, high-pressure air pump, repair kit, and storage backpack.

$319.00 AT AMAZON

Enjoy the lake from dry land with the Force1 Velocity radio controlled boat. This high speed rechargeable remote controlled boat is perfect for freshwater racing or just goofing around on the water when everyone is finally done swimming. The powerful prop engine propels this speed demon up to 20 mph on open water, and includes a capsize recovery button if and when this little baby flips over. “This thing is a blast! It is VERY FAST!! Controls are very straight forward, so it didn’t take long for my son to get the hang of it. 5 stars for making me feel like I’m winning at parenting” reviews one happy parent on Amazon. Cruise the open waters, or buy a pair and race, everyone will be blown away by how fast and how much fun these are. Insider tip: make sure to buy extra batteries for extended play between charges.

$54.95 AT AMAZON

Best Lake Floats

Yes, pool noodles are fun, but it’s time to change things up. Mount up with the O’Brien foam floating saddle. Made of 5-ply poly foam with superior buoyancy, the extremely comfy saddle is used just like you would sit on a chair backwards. “We purchased two O’Brien and two from another brand and after our trip to the lake yesterday, I’ve ordered two more of these. The O’Brien floats are not only thicker, but seem to be way more durable and overall superior. I floated comfortably, at just above shoulder depth, behind our boat for hours. I’m a big guy (6’3″-270) and was pleased that it held me at that level. These things are great and we look forward to using them all summer.” reviews one happy lake dweller on Amazon. Don’t waste precious water time inflating a floaty, grab the quick drying foam saddle and ride til the waves come home.

$30.00 AT AMAZON

If you are livin’ the lake life then you know floating islands are THE lake toys of the moment. A perfect swim landing or launch pad for the water, the large rubber dockie is made of ultra durable Tuff-Hide that protects the water mat but is still easy on skin. “Totally recommend this mat” reviews an Amazon customer. “We tried to see if we could sink it by putting 14 good-size kids and adults and 1 dog but barely dipped in the water. Was surprised that our dog’s claws didn’t scratch the foam too. Overall totally impressed with the quality and would recommend it.” Attach the floating island with the included 12 foot elastic bungee cord to the dock or an anchor for hours of lake fun. With safety of the highest priority, both the 9×6 and 19×6 foot sized mats are neon green or orange for high visibility on the water.

$549.99 AT AMAZON

Don’t’ waste your breath blowing up your lake floaty, and hop on to the Big Joe mesh captains chair instead. From the same maker of our favorite bean bag chairs, Big Joe uses the same idea for their floating bean bag chairs that are just as lounge worthy on water as their land dwelling counterparts. “Everyone loves Big Joe” reviews one Amazon customer. “It’s the first float that I can actually sit in while reading a book and sipping a cocktail. If that’s not heaven, what is? It’s comfortable and lightweight. I would advise storing them out of direct sunlight when not in use. Direct sunlight eventually damages the fabric which leads to tearing which leads to a mess of white (water) beans.” Grab a drink, there is after all a cupholder on the side of the float chair, and soak up the rays in the lake. 

$101.33 AT AMAZON

Best Lake Slides

Splash into the lake off the giant Wow Watersports inflatable slide. The super wide slide features 2 lanes for waterslide races, or at least room to prevent sibling bickering (which is always a win). A sure to be hit off the end of the dock, also give it a try floating in the water or even anchored so it won’t drift away. Better yet, make a whole floating playground by easily connecting the WOW Watermat and Walkway with a simple zip of a zipper. One Amazon customer reviews, “Very happy with the size of the slide. So far we have played with it by the pool and in a nearby lake. When it’s by the pool we put in on the patio right next to the deep end so kids can slide in. Haven’t used it in the pool itself because afraid the coping may tear it. When in the lake we connected 2 of the Wow rafts to it and it was great. Pretty durable and holding up so far.” Super lake safe, the Wow slide features inflatable side rails and bright graphics for easy lake visibility.

$248.35 AT AMAZON

What better way to carve out some time to catch some rays or crack open your new book than keeping the energetic kiddos entertained in the lake all day. No need to get in yourself, or take them on the boat when they will be entertained for hours slip sliding off the end of the dock with the Rave Sports Dock Slide. The single lane slide is constructed of super durable heavy gauge vinyl — which means even adults under 200 pounds can take a splash off the slide too. “Amazing” reviews a customer on Amazon. “This slide is so amazing! The kids cannot get enough of it. I even tried it and it was fun.” The Rave Sports dock slide comes with a 12 VDC air compressor, attachment straps, and repair kit — everything you need to get up and sliding in no time flat.

$459.99 AT AMAZON

Best Inflatable Lake Toys

Explore the underwater world of your lake (or any body of water) while barely getting wet. Your kiddos will spend hours in the unique clear bottomed raft viewing fish, hunting for turtles, and checking out all the underwater plant life. “Such a cool idea” reviews a parent on Amazon. “We purchased this raft for our 4-year-old and 1-year- old. We live in a small mountain town that has many lakes and ponds. The kids were so excited to see through the raft, into the water. They could see all the rocks and plant life below. The raft is well made and was easy to inflate. Plus there is plenty of space for 2-3 children.” The fully transparent bottom allows for fully unobstructed views of an otherwise unseen underwater world. On top of that, it is perfect for rescuing lost sunglasses and other items from the bottom of the lake.

$41.74 AT AMAZON

Forget the giant white inflatable swans or the rainbow unicorn floaties (they’ve completely saturated social media by now anyways). Make a splash with a giant balloon animal lake float from Fat Brain Toys. Looking just like something we’d get from a clown at the fair, this adorable red balloon animal stretches 5 feet long but won’t pop like an average balloon thanks to high strength vinyl. One grandparent reviewed, “I sent this as a gift and while I did not see it in action, I was sent a happy text and photos. It looks like it will be great fun in the hot weather.” With a recommended weight limit of 220 pounds, two or three kiddos could easily ride the waves on this balloon for hours of fun.


Best Lake Trampoline

Anchored to the bottom of the lake or moored to a boat, the Island Hopper water bouncer will give you a summer of fun! “Kids played on this ALL DAY!” raves one parent on Amazon. “Easily inflated with a shop vac blower and a hose size adapter attachment. Would recommend tightening the cable like it says. (A) cinder block is probably not heavy enough as an anchor…get several. We moored one side to the dock and the other to the cinder block. The greatest for running jumps from the dock then a bounce flip into the water.” With a 500 pound weight limit, two adults can even enjoy some bounce time. Or just leave it to all the kiddos to bounce, splash, and laugh those long days of summer away.

$899.99 AT AMAZON

The Rave Sports water bouncer is reimagined with the lake life in mind. Available in 10, 13, and 20 foot diameters, the favorite water trampoline is now available in a woodsy taupe and green colorway. “I ordered this item for our lake cabin and it arrived right on time. The size is perfect for our two kids (age 5 & 8) plus their friends (5 or 6 total) to bounce and play on. If my kids are in the lake, the neighbors kids have to join in the fun too! Even better, it works great for the adults as a lounger in the sun! For storage when we are not at the lake, we anchored it on our shore and the green and tan colors blend in nicely with the shoreline. You get what you pay for and this bouncer is legit!” reviews one Amazon customer. The folks at Rave Sport offer a lifetime warranty on the super durable bouncer.

$899.99 AT AMAZON

Who says you need to stop your winning-at-parenting streak now? We’ve got tons of other amazing toys for every season here!

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