British pilot Rodney Blois sadly passed away at the beginning of 2021. A respected and well-known figure of the Federation and aviation community, he is remembered fondly by his many friends.

Rodney fulfilled many functions within the FAI over the years. At the time of his death, he had been the President of the FAI General Aviation Commission (GAC) and FAI Vice-President since 2015, and Representative for the FAI General Air Sport Commission since 2016. Prior to that, Rodney was GAC Alternate Delegate for the UK from 1998, and then Delegate from 2009, as well as a member of the GAC Precision Flying Subcommittee.

Hans Schwebel, who stepped in as GAC President after Blois’s death, and his wife Ursula compiled heartfelt tributes and fond memories from all around the world:

“The news of Rodney’s passing away has saddened us all. We join in sharing condolences with his family and all his friends who got to know him worldwide.”

“Rodney will always be remembered for his welcoming nature and his profound love and enthusiasm for aviation. We will always think of him with great fondness.”

“Rodney will always be remembered as a good companion, a flying gentleman,  a very dear friend, a sports aviation enthusiast, one of the friendliest faces, and a remarkable man.”

“A really delightful, talented and quirky individual, something of a rarity in these dark times.”

”He was one of the friendliest faces, always having fun and enjoying meeting with his aviation family. I have a lot of beautiful memories of Rodney.”

“Good conversations, special opinions, great stories, a good friendship.”

“He never deterred to cross the channel for having a flying party with friends, and good wines too!”

“His passion for happiness and joy of living will always be kept in our hearts, along with all the very good and happy moments we spent together!”

“Rodney will be greatly missed….as the centre of good fun and companionship.”

“He will always be remembered for his welcoming nature and his profound love and enthusiasm for aviation.”

“He was present and active in almost all competitions and in many international championships and in every general aviation aspect worldwide and served on numerous commissions [FAI/CASI/GAC].  He was so keen to advance the GA sport development and gave so much motivation, encouragement, co-operation and support, wherever he could… and he was a great asset to the aviation world.”

“His passing away is indeed very sad and a big loss. He will always be fondly remembered.”