I played Overwatch 2 on a new account, and the hero grind sucks

Overwatch 2’s new player experience, or First Time User Experience, locks the best parts of the game behind a grind (opens in new tab). After playing on a temporary new account given to me by Blizzard, I’ve seen how it works, and it’s as bad as it sounds.

When Overwatch 2 arrives next week (opens in new tab), people who never bought the original game will have a mountain of hero unlocks to climb. Most of the game’s 35-hero roster isn’t available from the start. To unlock them, you have to complete up to 150 games. Wins count as two games and you earn progress toward all of the heroes at the same time, so the “100 matches” number that Blizzard says you have to play is probably accurate. And, at least at launch, you can’t pay money to skip the process like in other games.