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Highlights of the 115th FAI General Conference 2021

Highlights of the 115th FAI General Conference 2021

The 115th FAI Conference was held online between 9-11 November 2021, with a total of 137 participants representing 50 FAI members.

FAI General Conferences are usually held in person but due to the ongoing pandemic conditions affecting travel, the decision was taken to hold the General Conference online for a second year running. The conference took place over three days with sessions running for 2.5 – 3 hours each day. The full minutes of the conference are planned to be published at the start of 2022.

The annual FAI Awards Ceremony took place as usual during the conference, this year recipients of the medals and diplomas were announced via a video which was livestreamed on the FAI website and social media channels on the evening of 9 November. The video is still available online.

Highlights from the 115th FAI General Conference

  • Reports on 2020 Finances and 2021 Finances (year to date) were well received and the Budget 2022 was approved.
  • Three new FAI member countries were welcomed: Georgia, Armenia and Bahrain.
  • FAI’s Commissions reported on their recent activities, shared experience in tackling issues arising from the pandemic and outlined new initiatives and areas for development as well as highlights of their sporting calendars for 2022 and beyond.
  • The concept of updating Ethics and Disciplinary Codes update initiated by FAI General Air Sports Commission (CASI) was approved for development and eventual integration from January 2023.
  • Acknowledgement that Category 1 events able to be held in 2021 saw good levels of participation and were successful despite widespread travel restrictions due to Covid-19.
  • Future General Conferences were discussed, with a decision on 2022’s GC to be made by May 2022, and the vote for the location of the 2023 conference approved for Dayton, Ohio, USA.

FAI President, David Monks, thanked the delegates for a “constructive and fruitful conference” and commented:

“This conference has shown all of us that FAI in 2021 has become a true collaboration in the management of our organisation and it has been a pleasure to see that our joint endeavours have resulted in what we set out to do. We are all hoping for a return to a normal sporting calendar and FAI is well prepared for 2022.”