Geiser: Holiday memories and outdoor traditions

Our family likes to visit Christmas at the Cody’s every year as one of our holiday traditions. Spending time together is a great gift and there are many outdoor activities to pursuit.

’Tis the season for giving thanks and reflecting back on special holiday memories that we have made throughout our lifetimes. We all face different struggles throughout the year and through those struggles, we need to remember to be kind to others, not just during the holiday season, but all year, that is truly what the Christmas spirit is all about.

No matter the struggle or situation we face, striving to make new, good memories every year through thankful gratitude, gives our family, friends or someone in need a gift that is better than anything purchased from the store, wonderful memories last forever.

Getting outdoors to make memories with family and friends can be incorporated into family traditions during the holidays, it doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, just spending time together is a great gift and there are many outdoor activities to pursuit.

In my family, one of our traditions is being outdoors even on Christmas day. Goose hunting is a typical way to spend time in the goose pit together. Gathering up leftovers from our noon meal and reheating it in the pit or heading out to walk off some of that noon meal with an afternoon pheasant hunt is a great tradition.

Wild game is also a huge part of my life and we serve wild game recipes in every holiday meal, not only is it a great addition to your holiday meal, it’s a great conversation piece and you get to spend precious time with family and friends in the field pursuing it. Some recipes we use have been passed along from family and friends; while other recipes my husband Tom and I have come up with.