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Gamecock football is done; indoor sports will take over

Burton Kemp Jr.

For lack of any offense whatsoever, Gamecock football is done. For realistically, the lack of squad members means Lady Gamecock cheerleading is done. Both ended on Saturday. Yes cheerleading is indoors, but now everything is indoors.

Wrestling is scheduled to start on November 18 and basketball on November 22. Now the Harold Lee Scott Gymnasium is the place to be.

Let’s talk some football playoffs. After the first week of football playoffs there are always a lot of folks who question the wisdom of four teams from each region making the state playoffs. Even last year when the season was pushed back two weeks there were four teams from each region.

For seemingly ever only one team, the region champion, made the state playoffs. Two teams began to make the state playoffs in 1989. Beginning in 1996 four teams made the state playoffs. Heck, we went on the road that year as a number three seed and beat Dodge County 56-42.