Frontier senior has love of water and biology | News, Sports, Jobs
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Frontier senior has love of water and biology | News, Sports, Jobs

Anna Antill at Disney World after winning the 2022 Cheerleading Worlds Championship in Orlando, Fla.
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NEW MATAMORAS — Anna Antill is a 17 year old Frontier High School student who is spending her senior year at Washington State Community College in the general science transfer program.

She is a two-year member of the National Honor Society and four-year member of Student Council at Frontier, has a 4.0 GPA, is on track to be co-valedictorian of her graduating class and is also in competitive cheerleading.

Antill said she wants to carry her love for science and cheerleading with her into college.

“I want to carry that on into college,” she said. “I’m looking into Louisville (University), because they’re really good, and I went to their camp over the summer, and I want to go into their biology program. Or, which this one is a little crazy, but Hawaii Pacific (University), who also has a really good team, and their coach reached out to me recently and asked if I’d be interested in coming, and I was like, ‘Absolutely.’ If I go there I’d study marine biology.”

Antill said she started tumbling when she was 6 years old and then started competitive cheerleading when she was 10. She was a member of the Ohio Valley All-Stars and then joined the Famous Superstars Cheerleading team in 2021. She went to The Cheerleading Worlds 2022 in Orlando, Fla., with the team where they won first place.

Anna Antill is a senior at Frontier High School where she is on track to be co-valedictorian of her graduating class.
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“There were 111 teams in our division , and we were the world champs,” Antill said. “Which is crazy. I’m still not over it. I will never be, I don’t think.”

Antill’s competitive spirit doesn’t just show up in her cheerleading.

“I am so competitive. I will fight until the end to make sure I don’t lose at something,” Antill joked. “Even at Crazy 8’s when I play with my dad. Both of us are fighting each other to win.”

Antill said she has a lot of pets and would take them everywhere with her if she could. She has 11 cats.

“I can not say no,” Antill said. “They show up at our house, and my mom and me are like, ‘We have to keep them.’ We have three inside, one’s Bob who is 32 pounds, humongous, giant cat. He’s gigantic. He sleeps on my feet every night. He’s a sweet cat. Then we have Wilber, who’s another inside cat. He’s pretty big but not Bob big. And then we have Mac, who’s just a little baby.”

Anna Antill, center, with her family during her National Honor Society induction. From left: grandmother Norma Jean Antill, brother Nick Antill, Anna Antill, mother Kim Antill and father Frank Antill.
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Antill said she also has a love for water and that, with her love for animals, could be where her interest for marine biology comes from.

“I’m always in the water,” Antill said. “I’ve just always loved being in the river, or being in the ocean, being in a pool. Any water I can find, I will get in it.”

Antill said she doesn’t like the quiet, and prefers to be around crowds and staying active.

“I always like to be doing something. Whenever there is something to do, I like to be doing it,” Antill said. “I just always like to be busy.”

Antill said she likes to go to concerts in her free time.

Anna Antill with her cat Mac.
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“I really like to go to concerts. I have a lot of concert tickets, which was like my Christmas present from my mom.” Antill said. “I got those Taylor Swift tickets that everyone is going crazy about.”

She said she also got tickets to see Louis Tomlinson over the past summer, she has tickets to see Tyler Childers, and is planning on going to see Paramore with her brother. She said one of the best shows she attended was Harry Styles in Nashville, Tenn.

“It was probably one of the best shows, concerts I’ve ever been to,” Antill said. “It was so exciting.”

Antill said she can be shy at first but that would describe herself as a social person.

“I like to talk to people. I’m always laughing,” Antill said. “Singing a song, when there’s nothing to talk about, I’ll just burst out in song. And people will be like, ‘What are you doing?’ I’m just singing.”

Anna Antill enjoying the water of a stream while on a school Spanish trip to Puerto Rico. Antill said she has a love for water.
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Anna Antill on a college visit to Louisville University. From left: Alexus McEldowney, Anna Antill, Nevaeh Miller, Khalea Brown and Kya Cruz.
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Anna Antill and her Famous Superstars Cheerleading team after their last practice before travelling to Orlando, Fla., to compete in the 2022 Cheerleading Worlds Championship where they won first place.
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