Five Things to Know About Playa Hotels and Resorts
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Five Things to Know About Playa Hotels and Resorts

Playa Hotels & Resorts is an award-winning group boasting properties throughout Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic with a luxurious accommodation offering that includes adults-only and family-friendly accommodations with first-class services and amenities.

Here are five features that make Playa Hotels & Resorts one of the most prominent hotel groups in the world.


All-Inclusive Luxury and Comfort

All of the group’s all-inclusive resorts offer world-class hospitality, including gourmet dining, extraordinary beaches, luxury amenities, swim-up suites, spas with high-quality amenities, ocean views, and water sports experiences to suit all tastes.

The services that make up the all-inclusive offer of Playa Hotels & Resorts are unlimited dinners and drinks, beachfront dinners, premium wines, swim-up bars, evening entertainment, water sports, children’s clubs, world-class gyms and spas, gastronomic tastings and Zumba classes, among others.

Adults Only Exclusivity

The group’s resorts meet all the expectations of adults traveling as a couple or those traveling alone in search of tranquility and relaxation. The destinations where the properties of Playa Hotels & Resorts are located have extraordinary beaches and natural beauty where adults enjoy premium beachfront cocktails and gastronomy that integrates local flavors in restaurants that offer sophisticated gourmet menus.

The experience is complemented by fantastic infinity pools, spas with a great offer of massages, body and facial treatments, and luxurious rooms overlooking the Caribbean. Add to that suites with whirlpool tubs, a host of adventure activities, top-notch amenities, and services like personalized butlers, transfers, private beach cabins, and access to private beaches.

Save On A Luxury Adults-Only Experience with Turquoize at Hyatt Ziva Cancun
In Turquoize, guests relax in an extraordinary natural setting. (Courtesy of Playa Hotels & Resorts).

Activities for the Whole Family

Families find in Playa Hotels & Resorts a great offer of activities and services designed for each of its members. There’s a wide range of experiences for kids and adults in a privileged natural environment that includes crystal clear beaches with white sand, where the fun doesn’t end with water sports activities and world-class services in restaurants that offer gourmet dining options and specially designed dishes for younger family members.

Playa Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun, water slide
Playa Hotels & Resorts offer a wide range of experiences for kids and adults. (Photo courtesy of Playa Hotels & Resorts).

Families will spend memorable moments in water parks with waterfalls and rivers, slippery slopes, waterslides, and water cannons, AquaStrong and Aqua-Cycling classes, an infinity pool with a swim-up bar, floating swim-up suites with sea views, and spas designed to restore the balance between body and spirit, among others.

At Hyatt Ziva, for example, guests receive the exclusive Service from the Heart that is certain to exceed visitors’ expectations with the warmth of personalized all-Inclusive treatment for each family member. In addition, the little ones can have fun at the Kids & Teens Club with interactive games, digital tablets, and Spider Zone.

World-Class Cuisine

The various restaurants of Playa Hotels & Resorts offer specialty menus with international dishes, specialties featuring local flavors, and sophisticated recipes with Caribbean roots created by renowned chefs.

Gastronomic experiences span a broad gourmet spectrum, including cutting-edge recipes based on seafood served in restaurants outdoors and indoors, Italian, French, Oriental, and Caribbean dishes, the traditional ceviche (raw fish), mouthwatering steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, barbecue, tacos, quesadillas, and salads made with fresh vegetables from the region.

A taco dish at Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun
The various restaurants of Playa Hotels & Resorts offer high specialty menus with international dishes. (Photo courtesy of Playa Hotels & Resorts).

In Sanctuary Cap Cana, for example, couples can celebrate an exclusive romantic dinner with a world-class menu including Caprese Buffalo Mozzarella, candied caviar, and chutney, plus creole tartare, Peruvian toasted corn, shrimp bisque, king prawns, salmon en croute and Rossini beef filet are also available.

In addition, the bars of Playa Hotels & Resorts offer signature cocktails such as the iconic margarita, in addition to the best beers, vodkas, rums of the region, different types of martinis, and even artisan mixology such as one created with chocolate, as is the case of Saasil Bar in Turquoize. In addition, the bars offer various activities for the fun of guests, including billiard tables, darts games, musical shows with international DJs, and pleasant bohemian environments with piano music.

Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun's sports bar, Off Court
Playa Hotels & Resorts bars offer billiard tables, darts games, musical shows, and much more. (Photo via Playa Hotels & Resorts).

Wellness and Relaxation in Luxury Facilities

Playa Hotels & Resorts offers its guests spas with the most modern facilities in the world to recover energy and live hours of pleasure with exotic therapies and treatments made with natural ingredients.

The spas use the highest quality products and sophisticated massage techniques to balance body and spirit. In their hydrotherapy circuits, guests detoxify and restore inner peace with double-temperature tubs, steam baths, and sauna and cold plunge pools, among others. In addition, Zen Spa offers Alchimia workshops for guests to create their mask, fragrance, or body lotion using a fine selection of aromatherapy oils and organic ingredients.

Playa Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun
Zen Spa offers guests Swedish, Thai, reflexology, and shiatsu techniques. (Photo courtesy of Playa Hotels & Resorts).

The house treatments are designed for comprehensive healing, providing guests with restoration, balance, and inner peace. Swedish, Thai, deep tissue, reflexology, and shiatsu techniques combine to create a pleasant personalized relaxation. Also, alternative medicine treatments with aromatherapy are offered using concentrates extracted from flowers, stems, leaves, and roots that stimulate brain functions and promote body healing.

Zen Salon has complete services for guests who require beauty treatments, including manicures and pedicures, revitalizing hair treatments, hair removal, and hairstyle services. It also has a private room with personalized bridal beauty services.

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