Numerous users on the subreddit of the 2008 youth-oriented MMO Wizard101 (opens in new tab) shared screenshots of official server messages pushed to players that contained jokes, profanity, and complaints of poor pay at developer KingsIsle. 

According to an official support account from the developer on Twitter (opens in new tab), the game’s servers were taken offline Friday night before coming back on early Saturday morning. The messages are of a shocking character, very NSFW, and readers of delicate sensibilities may wish to look away.

Wizard101 server message reading simply

Someone fetch my fainting couch. (Image credit: KingsIsle, user yellowvitt on Reddit)

Wow, harrowing stuff. That one comes courtesy of user yellowvitt (opens in new tab) on r/Wizard101. Several of the other messages are similarly brief and direct. “This game is shit (opens in new tab),” another message shared by user jakeofsteel reads.