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Detroit’s Downtown Boxing Gym’s outdoor sports complex to help more kids

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Detroit’s very own Downtown Boxing Gym is all set to unveil its newly renovated outdoor space in Islandview.

Mayor Mike Duggan and other officials will be at the big reveal, followed by DBG’s annual fundraiser.

The upgraded facility aims to provide a host of athletic and learning opportunities for Detroit students all year round.

A former student, Asiyha Williamson, who joined DBG’s free after-school academic and athletic program back in 2012, says prior to enrolling she didn’t care about school and how her actions would impact her future.

“When I first came to DBG, I was failing in my classes and getting in fights at school,” says Asiyha Williamson.

But the program quickly transformed her life, equipping her with mental and physical skills to fight her weakness.

Asiyha graduated with a 3.5 GPA, and zero brawls later, she is thankful for DBG and its owner Khali Sweeney.

“Khali is an amazing mentor to every kid that walks in the building. Just having somebody in my corner, that believed in me, really made all the difference,” says Asiyha Williamson.

DBG’s executive director, Jessica Hauser says the sports facility provides a wholesome environment built on Khali Sweeney’s successful moto ‘books before boxing.’

“Every single one of our students that has gone through our program have graduated high school, which we are so proud of. 90% of our high school graduates of to college,” says Jessica Hauser.

And now the upgraded complex on Detroit’s east side is gearing up tonight to add more benefits for its 150 students between the ages 8-18.

The new outdoor sports complex funded by Dick’s sporting goods includes a large, multi-sport turf field, raised-bed gardens, two fire pits with seating, a parking lot for DBG’s vehicles as well as soon to be built, a pavilion, and an ice rink.

Plus, with success stories like Asiyha who now works for DBG as an associate director of athletics. The place is a testament to helping struggling kids overcome life’s challenges.

Now DBG is planning to add 100 more students so to find out how you can get on the waiting list, head over to