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Cummings High School honors Air Cavs founder Connell Graham with first victory vs. Burlington Williams since 2011

A stream of talent has poured through the Air Cavs Sports Club for 3½ decades now.

For a long stretch in Alamance County football history, those players built up the Cummings High School football program into a perennial state championship contender.

And now, as the Cavaliers attempt to recapture some of the success previous Cummings teams discovered, the influence from the Air Cavs program is still strong.

For the first time since 2011, the Cummings High School football team defeated Williams High School on a football field Friday night. Afterwards, a handful of current Cavaliers players dedicated the victory to Connell Graham, one of the Air Cavs founders, who passed away last month.

Team captains from Williams, left, and Cummings, right, meet for the coin toss before Friday night's game.

“We try to make them understand that football is a privilege that your parents give you,” Graham told the Times-News in 2019. “It’s something they give you because you’ve been doing something good, not because they want you to be a star. If you abuse that privilege, you can no longer play.”

This time, the privilege was all theirs. 

A Cummings team with numerous players who grew up playing in the Air Cavs organization, honored him on Friday night with their play — just like how Graham had taught them.