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Council to advertise water auth. openings | News, Sports, Jobs

The Lewistown Borough Council announced a plan to advertise three open seats on the Mifflin County Municipal Authority. Members also heard public accounts regarding multiple alleged complaints toward the Lewistown Police Department at the council meeting on Monday, Aug. 8 at the Lewistown municipal building.

Council people will advertise three open seats on the MCMA via the borough website and other public platforms following no appointment of nominees during the 5:30 p.m. meeting.

Community members also shared grievances concerning the Lewistown Police Department and public officials who allegedly fall short in their duties.

Kathy Wilson, of Lewistown, said that she dealt with a ‘confrontational’ officer in recent days. Wilson said the officer did not initially state his name or purpose for being at her home one evening, following a string of communication with the police regarding a vehicular accident; Wilson’s van sustained damage when a drunk driver hit her vehicle.

Wilson said that she does not feel that her tax money should go toward mistreatment from a taxpayer funded police department.

David Clemens, the Lewistown chief of police, told Wilson to file a complaint with the Lewistown Police Department to ensure that formal action is taken in a proper manner.

A resident man then spoke about an alleged ìbusinessî operating from a residential property. Another male community member joined the residentís grievances, adding that an officer allegedly mishandled a separate incident near the same property.

This alleged ìbusinessî involved car detailing and mechanic work that is not legally allowed in a residential area without proper adherance to local laws and ordinances.

Other resisdents spoke about apartment issues involving sinkholes and trash accumulation during the public portion of the meeting.

Reports including but not limited to the fire chief, mayor, and police chief were approved; Chief Clemens said that body cameras are now operational for the police department and that their use began two weeks prior.

Council then announced that it would be advertising for multiple open positions including a full time code officer, a deputy borough manager / treasurer, a clerk / secretary, a workman, and a police advisory board member were then discussed prior to an executive session.

Council President Searer announced that Jennifer Miller, council clerk / secretary, had resigned during the meeting after seven years of service to the Borough.

Searer and other council members reiterated the importance to fill the open borough council positions before the meeting was adjourned.

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