Concept designs released for Olympic sports precinct
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Concept designs released for Olympic sports precinct

Brisbane City Council has revealed plans for the redevelopment of Crosby Park and the Albion Park Raceway in a vision to create a new sports precinct and centre for the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games.

Designs were prepared by Brisbane City Council in collaboration with consulting architects Neeson Murcutt and Neille, and specialist games venue overlay consultants EKS.

Under the Breakfast Creek Sports Precinct plan, the raceway will be relocated to create the new 29-hectare site and make way for the construction of the Brisbane Indoor Sports Centre.

The indoor sports centre will include facilities for basketball, netball, volleyball, goalball and badminton, as well as dedicated para-sport facilities.

A large green pedestrian spine will run through the centre of the precinct, providing space for community events, and connecting Crosby Road with Breakfast Creek.

The Allan Border Field, which will remain in its existing position, will receive additional seating, while baseball and multi-use sports fields will be constructed, in addition to an off-leash dog area.

The concept plan also includes a new location for the Brothers Rugby Union Club, which will move closer to the Breakfast Creek Hotel and receive a new clubhouse and three new fields.

Concept designs for the Breakfast Creek Sports Precinct plan.

Concept designs for the Breakfast Creek Sports Precinct plan.


Brisbane City Council with Neeson Murcutt and Neille, and EKS.

Brisbane City Council said the fields would incorporate an innovative water harvesting and reclamation system by Urban Utilities, making the sporting fields environmentally sustainable and efficient.

As well as providing a venue for the Olympic Games, the new precinct will meet the growing interest in junior and women’s programs, and heightened demand for accessible sporting facilities.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said the precinct presented a once-in-a-generation opportunity to use entirely government-owned land to create “one of the most accessible sporting facilities in the world.”

“Our Breakfast Creek Sports Precinct plan can be part of that legacy by transforming an under-utilized and tired area of our city into a thriving precinct that would stage local, national and international sports events all year round,” said Schrinner.

“This is a really exciting proposal and we’ve already been working closely with the Queensland Government, Brothers Rugby and Queensland Cricket on these plans.”

Alongside the economic benefits of the Olympic Games, Schrinner said he was “confident” the sports and recreation precinct would deliver benefits to the community by helping to increase participation for all.

For more information, visit the Brisbane City Council website.