Business Has Stormed Back For Denver Owner Of Outdoor Sports League Who Had To Shut Down During Quarantine

Mike Ross, the owner of Meet Play Chill, talked with CBS4, about his company’s rebound.

Video Transcript

With COVID restrictions continuities, we’ve been checking back in with people and businesses who were really hit hard by the pandemic to see how they’re doing. A year ago, we spoke to Mike Ross. He’s the owner of Meet, Play, Chill. [INAUDIBLE] the sports leagues and other activities. And in the height of COVID, he had completely closed down. It was tough for the small business owner and family man. Well, as the weather gets nicer and nicer and COVID restrictions continue to roll back, a lot of people itching to get outside. And now a year later, business has stormed back. In fact, he says he’s probably gonna be hiring several people just to help.

MIKE ROSS: It’s been absolutely crazy since we started back up in February. We’re just– the surge is unreal. Everybody wants to get back outside and playing. We’ve actually already in the last four months beaten all our sales we did all of last year.

So the question is are these numbers gonna stay like this? Or is this kind of a knee jerk reaction to people being cooped up the past year? Either way, it doesn’t matter. Mike is absolutely thrilled. I remember talking to him. We looked up. It was last April. And just to see where he was to where he is now, it’s so cool to see.

Yeah, absolutely. And for people to get out and start enjoying, you know, the outdoors and playing team sports again, you know, just being together. It’s a big deal. Well–

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