Biggest Gaming News of the Week: 2/7/21 – 2/13/21

CD Projekt Red deals with a cyber attack, while the ESA may be planning a digital E3 for 2021, in this week’s roundup of gaming industry news. The ESA is potentially mounting a comeback for E3 this year, while CD Projekt Red suffers an anonymous ransomware attack, in this week’s […]

CD Projekt Red deals with a cyber attack, while the ESA may be planning a digital E3 for 2021, in this week’s roundup of gaming industry news.

The ESA is potentially mounting a comeback for E3 this year, while CD Projekt Red suffers an anonymous ransomware attack, in this week’s roundup of gaming news. Game Rant has compiled some of the biggest gaming news stories from this past week together into a concise post for fans and enthusiasts to stay up to date on the most important events in the industry per week. Highlighting the most relevant stories, this list is not inherently and totally objective, and will not contain every news story this week. Rather, this is intended for gaming fans who want a quick rundown on the largest/most impactful stories that occurred in the last week in games.

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In this week’s roundup of gaming news, CD Projekt Red’s server security was breached by anonymous hackers, leaking confidential documentation and source code. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart finally receives its slightly delayed release date, while The Last of Us HBO adaptation casts its main characters. The Kingdom Hearts franchise sees a surprise release on PC, while Street Fighter 5‘s last season brings a final round of characters and mechanics to the fighting game. Six Days In Fallujah makes an unprecedented and controversial return, while the ESA plans a new E3 digital show for 2021. Here’s the biggest gaming news stories from the industry this week.

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CD Projekt Red Suffers Ransomware Attack, Stolen Data Auctioned Off

v with developer logo

Among all of the controversy that CD Projekt Red has been dealing with, now the developer is dealing with a cybersecurity breach. According to an update posted on social media, CD Projekt Red suffered a ransomware cyber attack, with the culprit supposedly attaining various important documentation and code from the developer. The developer even published the ransom note the company received publicly, with hackers confidently stating CD Projekt Red had been “EPICALLY pwned.”

Anonymous hackers have subsequently auctioned off all of the stolen source code for games like The Witcher 3Cyberpunk 2077Gwent, and supposedly an “unreleased version of Witcher 3,” on an online forum. More specifically, the seller received an outside offer with the condition of no further distribution. Ray Walsh, reviewer from ProPrivacy cybersecurity research firm, posited the possibility of the CD Projekt Red hack potentially being an inside job as well.

Ratchet & Clank Receives Slightly Delayed Release Date

ratchet & clank rift apart release date

After stating that the game would receive a “launch window” release, the new Ratchet & Clank entry now has a concrete release date. Likely delayed due to pandemic concerns, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is planned to release on June 11, 2021. Pre-orders are also now available, which include some in-game bonuses such as the Carbonox Armor from Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando and the Pixelizer from the Ratchet & Clank 2016 remake.

The Last of Us’ HBO TV Adaptation Casts its Starring Roles

HBO’s The Last of Us series has cast both protagonists for the upcoming TV adaptation of the award-winning game franchise. Joel will be played by Pedro Pascal, of recent The Mandalorian fame, as well as Game of Thrones, Wonder Woman 1984Narcos, and more. Ellie will be played by fellow Game of Thrones actor Bella Ramsey, who’s breakout role was also on the George R. R. Martin novel’s TV adaptation.

While fans have largely expressed support for these castings, Joel’s original video game actor Troy Baker has also echoed full support for both Joel and Ellie’s castings. At the moment, The Last of Us‘ TV adaptation is currently in pre-production.

The Kingdom Hearts Series Surprise-Releasing On PC Via Epic Games Store

kingdom hearts pc epic games

Surprise-launching at the end of March, the Kingdom Hearts series is coming in full to the PC platform for the first time. Releasing on the Epic Games Store on March 30, All Kingdom Hearts remasters, Kingdom Hearts 3, as well as the most recent Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory rhythm game, all will be available on PC. However, each remaster is being sold separately, rather than being bundled together in the Kingdom Hearts All-in-One package already available on consoles.

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Street Fighter 5’s Season 5 Updates Introduce New Character and Mechanics

Street Fighter 5 V Shift

During Capcom’s Winter 2021 Update livestream, it was revealed that the leaked “Eleven” character was coming to Street Fighter 5, among other big changes. Eleven will essentially function as a randomizer character, picking any random character, V-Skill, and V-Trigger variant from the entire cast for battle. Additionally, Capcom’s stream provided more hints at upcoming DLC characters Rose and Dan, the first two characters planned to release in Season 5 of Street Fighter 5.

Aside from new characters, Season 5’s initial update will also include the new V-Shift gameplay mechanic, which essentially functions as an EX back dash and riposte. This same update will also include a new version of the Grid stage.

Six Days in Fallujah Returns, Awakening Similar Controversy From 2009

us military fallujah

Back in 2009, Konami attempted to develop and publish a game titled Six Days in Fallujah, a first-person shooter based on real events during the Iraq War. While controversy and backlash resulted in Konami cancelling the game, Six Days in Fallujah is now back in development with Highwire Games. Being published by Victura, the game aims to realize an authentic retelling of the Second Battle of Fallujah involving U.S. Marines back in 2004.

While many fans have called out the game once again for indirect recruitment tactics, Victura assures that the game is “financed independently,” and is not being developed for the express purpose of military recruitment.

E3 May Be Returning In 2021 As a Digital Presentation

E3 Digital Show 2021

The ESA appears to be planning another E3 show this year, after the show was cancelled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to a report by VGC, ESA personnel are planning a digital E3 presentation and seeking partners to plan this year’s show. Plans for the show include multiple keynote sessions from potential partners such as Sony or Microsoft, as well as an awards show and a night of preview content on June 14.

2020 almost had an E3 show, but it seems the ESA had to cancel plans for a digital event after pitches to partners resulted in declined offers.

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rdr2 weapon tier list

Rockstar Releases Red Dead Redemption 2 Music Album

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