Best Amazon Prime Day Outdoor Deals – SI Showcase
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Best Amazon Prime Day Outdoor Deals – SI Showcase

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Pacific Pass Tent

Hiking, camping and exploring, oh my! Summertime adventures await, and with back-to-school already lurking just around the corner, it’s important to get your family playtime in while you can.

If you’ve been on the hunt for some new outdoors and adventure gear, we have you covered. Amazon Prime Day which has just kicked off today, Tuesday, July 12 through July 13, and the savings have never been higher. Just a reminder that you’ll need to be a Prime member to get exclusive access to all the discounts.

We will be combing through the best deals for all of your camping, hiking, gardening and outdoor entertaining needs. Be sure to check back frequently for the most up to date outdoor deals during the Amazon’s Prime Day event.

Best Amazon Prime Day Camping Deals

ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot ($72.20, originally $89.99)

ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot

Get 20% off this lightweight camping cot. It features a steel frame, polyester fabric for comfort and stability, and a carry bag.

Bulin 13-piece Camping Cookware Kit ($51, originally $59.99)

Bulin 13-piece camping cookware set

Save 15% on this 13-piece camping cookware kit that comes with pots with lids, frying pan, kettle, foldable ladle, spoon, bowls, plates and cleaning sponge.

Coleman Ice Chest ($69.01, originally $115.99)

Coleman large ice chest

Coleman is a classic brand with it comes to coolers and ice chests. This fully insulated, heavy-duty wheeled hard ice chest is a large-capacity cooler. It can hold up to 160 cans, and support 250 pounds on the closed lid. The six-inch wheels make for durable towing, and swing-up handles make hauling a breeze.

Coleman Tandem Three-in-One Adult Sleeping Bag ($57.88, originally $119.99)

Coleman Tandem sleeping bag

This double sleeping bag can zip into two separate sleeping bags. They are big-and-tall adult sleeping bags designed for most people up to 6 feet 4 inches. It can comfortably provide insulation in temperatures as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the company.

Cooler Shock Reusable Ice Packs ($20.17, originally $35.99)

Cooler Shock ice packs

This all-purpose four-pack of ice packs are perfect for lunch bags, picnics and road trips. The company claims the freezer packs are colder than ice at 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply fill up the cooler ice packs with water (with the included funnel), shake and screw on the cap. Stick it in the freezer and it’s ready to use anytime. The ice packs are also reinforced with Nylon to ensure there are no leaks.

Energizer LED Camping Lantern ($12.77, originally $19.97)

Energizer LED camping lantern

Save 36% on the Energizer LED camping lantern. It’s powered by three Energizer MAX D batteries, or MAX AA for lower power. The company also claims it’s IPX4 water-resistant and impact-resistant up to one meter. The reviews sold us–it has tons of 5-star ratings. You can find more Energizer products on Amazon, including flashlights and headlamps.

Marmot Men’s Waterproof Jackets ($62.99, originally $100)

Marmot Men's waterproof jacket

Currently 37% off, this sturdy and durable waterproof jacket will keep you comfortable and protected during all of your treks in the great outdoors.

Pacific Pass Two-person Family Dome Tent ($41.60, originally $48.99)

Pacific Pass camping tent

This two-person tent is pretty straight forward. It’s made of sturdy polyester material with a removable rain fly to keep you dry, and there’s a large window for airflow. Storage pockets keep your items organized. The company claims it takes one or two people about five minutes of set up time, and is portable with the carry bag. 

Best Amazon Prime Day Lifestraw Deals

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping and Emergency Preparedness ($11.12, originally $29.95)

LifeStraw personal filter

Now 63% off for Prime Day! The straw that started it all–this is the simple LifeStraw product that will make your camping and hiking experience both safe and enjoyable. According to the company, it can turn river water into drinkable water, with the microfiltration removing waterborne bacteria and parasites.

Best Amazon Prime Day Home and Garden Deals

Two-Tier Barrel and Pump Waterfall Fountain ($47.53, originally $74.99)

Barrel and pump garden fountain

Save $27 on this lovely two-tier garden fountain, with a relaxing water flow adding to the peaceful ambiance of your outdoor patio or garden. Made of plastic construction, it’s weather-resistant and rust-proof.

BLACK + DECKER Electric Hedge Trimmer ($33.93, originally $59)

Black + Decker hedge trimmer

Down 42% today for Prime Day, this lightweight, compact electric hedge trimmer is just what you need to keep the shrubs in order at a price you can afford. This highly-rated trimmer weighs 4.5 pounds and has low-vibration compared to single-action models according to the company. 

Expandable 50-foot Garden Hose ($29.99, originally $49.99)

Expandable 50-foot garden hose

This flexible water hose can expand up to three times its original size with water pressure, and is less likely to tangle, twist or kink. There’s brass fittings for the faucet and nozzle ends.

Greenworks Corded Electric String Trimmer ($34.01, originally $49.99)

Greenworks electric string trimmer

The Greenworks electric string trimmer includes adjustable telescoping to fit your height. Currently marked down 32%, you’ll save almost $16 for this Prime Day deal.

Humidity Gauge, Two-pack ($9.97, originally $14.99)

Humidity gauge 2-pack

With over 15,000 ratings, if you’re looking for the best indoor hygrometer thermometer to monitor humidity and temperature in real time, you’ll need this. Perfect for your garden, barn or garage, this is a must-have for sensitive plants and animals.

Hummingbird Feeder ($29.99, originally $39.99)

hummingbird feeder

This blown glass hummingbird feeder is not only serviceable, but stylish. It comes with five flower feeding ports for hummingbirds to rest and drink, and is easy to refill. Unscrew the base to clean.

Metal 100-foot Garden Hose ($55.23, originally $64.98)

360Gadget metal garden hose

If you don’t quite trust the stretchy material, this 100-foot metal garden hose is made out of stainless steel and durable enough to withstand pet chewing, punctures, and being dragged through rocks.

Propane Fire Pit ($169.99, originally $189.99)

Propane fire pit

If you’ve been looking for patio entertainment, check out this 28-inch propane fire table. Filled with lava rocks, the gas table can reach up to 50,000 BTU. Ciays, the production company, also pledges one tree will be planted for each product sold.

Tow Behind Spreader With Waterproof Cover ($235.51, originally $314)

Tow behind spreader with waterproof cover

Extra large and rust- and dent-proof, this spreader holds 125 pounds of seed, fertilizer and more. Ideal for yards at least one-half acres or more, it comes with a universal hook-up to attach to any rider, tracker and most ATVs. 

Best Amazon Prime Day Outdoor Tech Deals

4K Night Vision Goggles ($139.98, originally $229)

4K night vision goggles

These night vision binoculars allow you to see animals or plants in darkness or dim ambient light. You can take photos, record a video, or capture high-def photos and videos in the daytime, low light or night time. Check out the 4K full HD videos resolution, and motion detection function to capture running wildlife. The kit comes with the goggles, neck strap, 32GB SD card, data cable, charging cable and user manual.

Bluetooth Solar-Powered Outdoor Wireless Rock Speakers ($203.79, originally $349.99)

Bluetooth solar powered rock speakers

Claiming to be 100% solar powered, there’s no wires required to charge this set of outdoor Bluetooth wireless speakers. Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled devices, you can play your favorite tunes up to a 50-foot sound range. Pair two speakers simultaneously up to a distance of 25 feet apart.

CAMMOO Golf Rangefinder With Slope ($59.99, originally $129.99)

Cammoo golf rangefinder with slope

If you’re looking to go to the next level of your golf game, check out the Cammoo golf rangefinder. The golf compensation modes use distance and angle to generate calculations for success, and flagpole-lock technology to lock on target.

Best Amazon Prime Day Outdoor Entertainment Deals

Qipi Beach Cabana ($99.99, originally $120.99)

Quipi beach cabana

Enjoy the beach, park or your patio with this waterproof cabana. It comes with a full shade and removable wall for more sun protection, inside pocks on every corner to store your belongings, and built-in sandbags and stakes for easy setup. This set comes with the beach cabana, carry bag, metal pole, plastic stakes and sand drill.

Prices are accurate and items in stock at time of publishing.