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Atlantis Sanya Hosts China’s First Mermaid Performance Contest

The four-day national level contest successfully marked its debut in The Ambassador Lagoon

HONG KONG, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, China’s First Mermaid Performance Contest has officially launched at Atlantis Sanya. Hosted in partnership with the General Administration of Sport of China and other local and national government bodies, the four-day event will be held December 19 to 22. This is the first national-level professional mermaid competition to be held in China. Featuring three separate events — men’s solo, women’s solo, and a mixed team of four — the competition will welcome professional mermaids from across the country compete for the chance to be crowned China’s inaugural Mermaid Champion. As water sports continue to gain popularity in China, the first Chinese Mermaid Performance Competition is set to build a stronger foundation for Hainan as a destination for mermaids and other niche water sports.

All contestants and trainers taking part in this competition are members and registered athletes with the China Water Ski, Underwater & Powerboat Federation (CSUPF), with all contestants needing to hold a CSUPF accredited mermaid license in order to compete. To prepare for the competition, CSUPF conducted three days of training in Shenzhen in November to prepare judges with the rules and judging criteria. In early December, the organizing committee began accepting applications from professional mermaids across China, eventually narrowing the applications down to 41 finalists.

The competition is taking place in Atlantis Sanya’s iconic Ambassador Lagoon. The Lagoon holds 13,500 tons of sea water and features a large, transparent viewing window, designed to give guests an unparalleled view into the ocean-like environment, meeting the standards required by the National Mermaid Competition Handbook.

From December 19 to 20, contestants arrived at Atlantis Sanya to begin preparations and rehearsals, with the competition officially beginning on December 21. During the preliminary rounds, contestants demonstrated a range of professional mermaid skills and techniques including mermaid flat swimming, mermaid vertical swimming, 360° backward somersaults, mermaid bubbles, mid-water hovering, and more as part of their dazzling and colourful routines. Performed amongst the extraordinary wonders of The Ambassador Lagoon and thousands of marine life, the mermaids showcased an extra level of enchantment, creating a fantastic sight for all spectators.

“We’re deeply honored to partner with the General Administration of Sport of China to hold this extraordinary competition as we set a new landmark for water sports in China. As a globally iconic, ocean-themed integrated destination, Atlantis Sanya is committed to delivering something new every time our guest visits. By co-hosting the first Chinese Mermaid Performance Contest here at Atlantis Sanya, we hope to showcase our resort as a water sports destination to provide the best possible platform for this unique competition. In the future, we will continue to work with local and national government bodies to further develop mermaiding and other water sports as we promote more exciting water-based activities and experiences for our guests,” said Heiko Schreiner, Managing Director of Atlantis Sanya.

Although mermaiding has only recently become a hot topic in the world of water sports, the sport has been a central feature of Atlantis Sanya since the resort’s opening in 2018. In April this year, 110 mermaids performed simultaneously in a mesmerizing mermaiding display in The Ambassador Lagoon, making it the largest underwater mermaid show ever held. By hosting this event, Atlantis Sanya further enhanced the commitment to cultivating a unique and fascinating world around ocean culture by offering a variety of high-quality, ocean-themed experiences for all guests. Further to mermaid activities, guests can also experience Ultimate Snorkel and Ambassador Dive in The Lost Chambers Aquarium, while Aquaventure Waterpark offers Shark Tank Snorkeling and Shark Safari, in addition to a whole range of other exhilarating water-based activities.

Further to this, Atlantis Sanya is currently finalizing preparations to open its new diving school. The school will consist of a series of professional diving lessons, including mermaid diving, free diving, scuba diving and more, with progressive levels of difficulty to suit divers of any experience level. Through its hosting of China’s First Mermaid Performance Contest, Atlantis Sanya is laying the foundations for the professional diving school and will continue to develop the diving program to further contribute to the development of water sports and enable more guests to participate in diving activities.

With its hosting of the China’s First Mermaid Performance Contest, Atlantis Sanya hopes to strengthen the resort’s connection between mermaiding and watersports while promoting the overall development of watersports in China. The successful partnership highlights Atlantis Sanya’s commitment to innovation as it continues to enhance its position as a comprehensive leisure and entertainment destination offering unique, premium vacations for more guests around the world.

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Atlantis Sanya is China’s premiere ocean-themed integrated entertainment resort located on Haitang Bay, on Hainan Island, on the shores of the South China Sea. Designed as a modern interpretation of the mythical city of Atlantis, the 540,000m² resort features a cutting-edge design, towering over Sanya as the icon of the South China Sea, with 1,314 guest rooms and suites, including five extraordinary Underwater Suites, a globally recognized feature of the Atlantis experience. The underwater journey at Atlantis Sanya starts at The Lost Chambers Aquarium with 30 different habitats, 280 species and over 85,000 marine animals and continues into The Ambassador Lagoon—an incredible open-air marine habitat with unparalleled views into the underwater world of Atlantis. The resort also has a 1800-seater theatre at Dolphin Cay, and Sea Lion Pointe, state-of-the-art marine protection and conservation experiences. For thrill seekers, the gravity-defying waterslides at Aquaventure Waterpark provide year-run fun and bucket-list experiences for the entire family. As the gastronomy destination in Hainan, the resort is home to 21 world-class restaurants, cafes and lounges, including Bread Street Kitchen and Bar by world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay and Ossiano Underwater Restaurant and Bar. Atlantis Sanya also provides families a playful and edutaining experience at MINIVERSITY and a world of rest and relaxation at the first AHAVA Spa in the Asia-Pacific region. The RMB11 billion ocean-inspired development is owned by Fosun International and managed by Kerzner International.



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