5 Most Adventurous Water Sports to Try When Young

What is your favorite activity during summers? Some of you might like to go hiking while some of you might like to go swimming. But there is a category of humans who love to enjoy water sports during summer. You might have noticed most of the people enjoying water sports on the beach. It is the perfect way to beat the heat. Talking about water sports, you would find plenty of them. Some of them might be easy while some of them might be adventurous for you. If you are an adventure lover then you can consider trying adventurous water sports.

Apart from beating the heat water sports help you with many other benefits such as developing strength and overall fitness. You might have already heard of some of the adventurous water sports such as scuba diving, river rafting, etc. This kind of water sports require a lot of enthusiasm but one can surely leave with a wonderful experience for a lifetime. If you wish to explore some of the most adventurous and risky water sports then here is the list for you.

White Water Rafting

If you are a true lover of white water rafting then you can certainly consider trying white-water rafting. It was started in the year 1970 and has witnessed many deaths and injured people till now even after carrying the PFD and life jackets. Drowning has been the most common reason for these deaths. Hence if you are not a good swimmer then it is advisable not to attempt it. It is also not recommended for people with high blood pressure issues since it can cause an increase in heart as well as breathing rate. In some of the cases, people have also noticed the failure of the equipment and the extreme water conditions. Hence you can decide to get into this only if you feel that you are perfectly okay with your health conditions.

 Cave Diving

You might have experienced underwater diving or scuba diving but the concept of Cave diving would be a bit different for you. Here you can explore the unexplored chambers of underwater caves. Hence it is called cave diving.  Cave diving is known as one of the most dangerous sports in the world and it was started by the cave diving group in the year 1935 in Somerset. There are Approximately 15000 people who experience cave diving every year.

Cliff Jumping

The Cliff Jumping concept was invented in Hawaii in the year 1770 by the King of Maui King Kajekili. It is different the bungee jumping and hence most people get scared to attempt it. Here you would not get any kind of belt or safety looks to protect yourself and you would not have anything to hold once you reach the bottom of the sea. Hence this is considered the riskiest sport. There are cases where many youngsters have lost their lives while attempting this cliff jumping since they were not aware of the depth of the sea.


If you have a group that enjoys water sports then you can attempt Kayaking. It is a group water sports activity that needs to be done under supervision or guidance. Capsizing is considered as the core danger in Kayaking apart from Hypothermia. Here one needs continuous paddling. Hence it is only recommended for people who are physically fit.


You might have seen it in movies or other people doing it on a beach but never tried it on your own. We are talking about surfing. Some of you might have done it and experience how dangerous it is. Surfing is quite popular in Australia and according to research, there are around 21 people who lose their lives due to this. Most of the time you would also experience creatures under the water such as sharks. Hence try to avoid the areas for surfing which has been flagged as The Red Triangle as you could face sharks.

Jenna Walter

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